What is a Key Opinion Leader (or KOL)?

A Key Opinion Leader (or KOL) is an expert or thought leader within a community who has earned the trust of their peers for specific concepts.

Key Opinion Leaders are also called influencers, experts, or thought leaders , and in the post-pandemic world, the terms 'DOLs' (digital opinion leaders) and influencer marketing have also gained popularity.

  • Find KOLs with influence over specific concepts.
  • Combine any targeting criteria of your choosing, including Geo location, Sub-concepts, and more.
  • Export all the concept and influence scores for any KOL of your choosing.
  • Compare KOLs & Influencers 'apples-to-apples' on an objective-basis.
  • Get API Access to KOLs data and augment your product or service.


Influencer Marketing

Leverage the power of KOLs Data Cloud in your influencer marketing campaigns. KOLs Data Cloud is the market's only non-subjective, non-heuristic, topical influence database with planet-scale coverage.

KOL meaning

The KOL wiki page notes that the KOL acronym is the standard abbreviation for "Key Opinion Leader." Although this KOL acronym comes from the English phrase, it is a well-known concept in many languages (Anglicism) and may have a slightly different meaning within different industries.

For example, the KOL acronym in the medical field generally means "external expert," while KOL in marketing generally means "influencer" or "content creator." What all industries have in common, though, is their shared interest in comparing and power-leveling KOLs.


What is KeyOpinionLeaders.com, and how can it help you?

KeyOpinionLeaders.com is a free search engine that lets you find Key Opinion Leaders . You can enter any concept on the search bar at the top of this page and use it to find the top Key Opinion Leaders instantly for that concept. You can filter your results by other concepts, organizations, and locations.

Companies operating in different industries, universities, and government agencies use KOLs Data Cloud to identify and benchmark the influence of key opinion leaders. The impact of our technology traverses industry, academia, and government policy (foreign policy, public health, among others).

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KOLs Identification and Profiling How to find KOLs

Using the KOLs website, you can compare the level of influence of any two KOLs for any concept . Use the search bar at the top of any page on this website, and then filter the KOLs by subconcepts (known-for) and location (city or country).

To get a more personalized (but still free) KOLs list, please email , and in less than 2 hours, we will send you the list of the most influential KOLs that match your targeting criteria (location, concepts, subconcepts)..

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