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      School of Pharmacy and Bioengineering, Guy Hilton Research Centre, Keele University School of Medicine, Stoke on Trent ST4 7QB, UK | School of Pharmacy and Bioengineering, ...

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      Concepts for which†† Nicola Maffullihas direct influence:Achilles tendon,Rotator cuff,Achilles tendinopathy,Patellar tendinopathy,Conservative management,Patellar tendon,Young athletes,Cruciate ligament.

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      Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which †† Nicola Maffulli has influence:Achilles tendon,Rotator cuff,Patellar tendinopathy,Cruciate ligament,Stem cells,Surgical treatment,Tissue engineering.

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      cecs grip strength #1
      combination lrr #1
      angle greater #1
      current studies terms #1
      children ctev #1
      achilles tendinopathy tendon #1
      reconstructed achilles tendon #1
      diagnosis cbb #1
      isokinetic functional outcomes #1
      debated #1
      acute subluxation #1
      hyperthermia supraspinatus tendinopathy #1
      fair poor result #1
      management patellar #1
      dfoexpert #1
      ipsilateral hamstring #1
      day hwjmscs #1
      online database protocol #1
      lpprp 6 months #1
      total work average #1
      patients ankle range #1
      injuries achilles #1
      illness tendinopathy #1
      sehnennaht #1
      human tenocyte cultures #1
      management acl tears #1
      review introduction #1
      ppsis #1
      disciplines12 #1
      members operating #1
      knee amic #1
      tendinopathy common #1
      elos nail #1
      ipsilateral gracilis #1
      paediatric knee #1
      efficacy amic #1
      ruptured tendons #1
      soccer studies #1
      regenerative sports #1
      pedicled strip #1
      achilles tendon athletes #1
      multiple longitudinal tenotomies #1
      tendon rupture #1
      ajps aofas kafs #1
      superficial wound infection #1
      eccentric training patients #1
      muscle injuries exposure #1
      achilles tendon continuity #1
      tenodesis lhbt #1
      patellar tendinopathy evidence #1
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      Prominent publications by †† Nicola Maffulli

      KOL-Index: 18898

      BACKGROUND: Arthroscopic management has been recommended for some superior labrum anterior and posterior (SLAP) lesions, but no studies have focused on patients over 50 years of age with rotator cuff tear and a type II SLAP lesion.

      HYPOTHESIS: In patients over 50 years of age with an arthroscopically confirmed lesion of the rotator cuff and a type II SLAP lesion, there is no difference between (1) repair of both lesions and (2) repair of the rotator cuff tear without repair of the SLAP ...

      Known for Rotator Cuff | Superior Labrum | Patients Age | Range Motion | 50 Years
      KOL-Index: 15209

      Background: Rupture of the Achilles tendon may result in reduced functional activity and reduced plantar flexion strength. These changes may arise from elongation of the Achilles tendon. An observational study was performed to quantify the Achilles tendon resting angle (ATRA) in patients following Achilles tendon rupture, surgical repair, and rehabilitation, respectively.

      Methods: Between May 2012 and January 2013, 26 consecutive patients (17 men), with a mean (standard deviation, SD) ...

      Known for Achilles Tendon | Resting Angle | Rupture Repair | 12 Months | Indirect Measure
      KOL-Index: 15089

      BACKGROUND: Many techniques have been developed for the reconstruction of the Achilles tendon in chronic tears. In presence of a large gap (greater than 6 centimetres), tendon augmentation is required.

      METHODS: We present our method of minimally invasive semitendinosus reconstruction for the Achilles tendon using one para-midline and one midline incision.

      RESULTS: The first incision is a 5 cm longitudinal incision, made 2 cm proximal and just medial to the palpable end of the residual ...

      Known for Achilles Tendon | Chronic Tears | Large Gap | Proximal Stump | Midline Incision
      KOL-Index: 14766

      PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to evaluate clinical outcome, rate of recurrence, complications, and rate of postoperative osteoarthritis in patients with anterior shoulder instability managed with Latarjet, Bristow, or Eden-Hybinette procedures.

      METHODS: A systematic review of the literature on management of anterior dislocation of the shoulder with glenoid bony procedures was performed. A comprehensive search of PubMed, MEDLINE, CINAHL, Cochrane, EMBASE, and Google Scholar databases ...

      Known for Quantitative Synthesis | Anterior Shoulder | Hybinette Procedure | Latarjet Bristow | Bankart Repair
      KOL-Index: 14449

      BACKGROUND: A less-invasive technique to reconstruct chronic Achilles tendon rupture with transfer of the tendon of peroneus brevis is suitable in patients with a tendon gap less than 6 cm.

      PURPOSE: To report the results of a longitudinal study on reconstruction of chronic Achilles tendon rupture using a less-invasive peroneus brevis repair through 2 paramidline incisions.

      STUDY DESIGN: Case series; Level of evidence, 4.

      METHODS: Thirty-two patients underwent surgery for chronic Achilles ...

      Known for Chronic Achilles | Peroneus Brevis | Tendon Rupture | Invasive Reconstruction | Isometric Contraction
      KOL-Index: 14059

      BACKGROUND: Achilles tendinopathy is commonly reported by athletes involved in activities that include running and jumping. Despite the prevalence of the problem, causative factors in Achilles tendinopathy remain poorly understood.

      HYPOTHESIS: In Masters track and field athletes, there is no influence of age, gender, weight, height, and impact profile in developing Achilles tendinopathy.

      STUDY DESIGN: Cross-sectional study; Level of evidence, 3.

      METHODS: During the European Veterans ...

      Known for Impact Profile | Achilles Tendinopathy | Field Athletes | Weight Height | Influence Age
      KOL-Index: 13703

      BACKGROUND: There are no controlled studies testing the efficacy of various nonoperative strategies for treatment of greater trochanter pain syndrome. Hypothesis The null hypothesis was that local corticosteroid injection, home training, and repetitive low-energy shock wave therapy produce equivalent outcomes 4 months from baseline.

      STUDY DESIGN: Randomized controlled clinical trial; Level of evidence, 2.

      METHODS: Two hundred twenty-nine patients with refractory unilateral greater ...

      Known for Corticosteroid Injection | Shock Wave Therapy | Pain Syndrome | Greater Trochanter | Treatment Success
      KOL-Index: 13594

      PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to evaluate clinical outcomes, rate of recurrence, complications, and range of movement after remplissage, Weber osteotomy, humeral allograft reconstruction, shoulder arthroplasty, and hemiarthroplasty in patients with anterior or posterior shoulder instability associated with humeral bone loss.

      METHODS: A systematic review of published studies on the management of dislocation of the shoulder with humeral bony procedures was performed. A comprehensive ...

      Known for Bone Defects | Quantitative Synthesis | Shoulder Instability | Motion Recurrence | Bankart Repair
      KOL-Index: 13047

      BACKGROUND: Achilles tendon ruptures represent more than 40% of all tendon ruptures requiring surgical management. About 20% of acute Achilles tendon tears are not diagnosed at the time of injury and become chronic, necessitating more complicated management than fresh injuries. Several techniques for the reconstruction of chronic tears of the Achilles tendon have been described, but the superiority of one technique over the others has not been demonstrated.

      HYPOTHESIS: Mini-invasive ...

      Known for Achilles Tendon | Minimally Invasive | Surgical Management | Maximum Calf Circumference | Chronic Tears
      KOL-Index: 12710

      Chronic degenerative tendinopathies are frequent and difficult to treat. Tendon healing and regeneration may be improved by injecting autologous growth factors obtained from the patient's blood. Autologous growth factors can be injected with autologous whole blood or platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Electronic databases were searched for prospective clinical trials on treatment with autologous growth factors of patients with chronic tendinopathy. Chronic tendinopathy in this study included ...

      Known for Chronic Tendinopathy | Autologous Growth | Injections Prp | Factor Injection | Intercellular Signaling Peptides
      KOL-Index: 12572

      BACKGROUND: Nonoperative options for osteochondral lesions (OCLs) of the talar dome are limited, and currently, there is a lack of scientific evidence to guide management.

      PURPOSE: To evaluate the short-term efficacy and safety of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) compared with hyaluronic acid (HA) in reducing pain and disability caused by OCLs of the ankle.

      STUDY DESIGN: Randomized controlled trial; Level of evidence, 2.

      METHODS: Thirty-two patients aged 18 to 60 years were allocated to a ...

      Known for Osteochondral Lesions | Rich Plasma | Pain Function | Prp Hyaluronic Acid | Ocls Talus
      KOL-Index: 12548

      BACKGROUND: Few randomized controlled trials compare different methods of management in chronic tendinopathy of the main body of tendo Achillis.

      PURPOSE: To compare the effectiveness of 3 management strategies-group 1, eccentric loading; group 2, repetitive low-energy shock-wave therapy (SWT); and group 3, wait and see-in patients with chronic tendinopathy of the main body of tendo Achillis.

      STUDY DESIGN: Randomized controlled trial; Level of evidence, 1.

      METHODS: Seventy-five patients ...

      Known for Eccentric Loading | Tendo Achillis | Chronic Tendinopathy | Outcome Measures | 1 2
      KOL-Index: 12484

      PurposeThe Achilles tendon Total Rupture Score (ATRS) was developed because of the need for a reliable, valid and sensitive instrument to evaluate symptoms and their effects on physical activity in patients following either conservative or surgical management of an Achilles tendon rupture. Prior to using the score in larger randomized trial in an English-speaking population, we decided to perform reliability, validity and responsiveness evaluations of the English version of the ATRS. ...

      Known for Achilles Tendon | Total Rupture Score | Atrs Patients | Cross Cultural | Reliability Validity
      KOL-Index: 12374

      BACKGROUND: With advances in arthroscopic surgery, many techniques have been developed to increase the tendon-bone contact area, reconstituting a more anatomic configuration of the rotator cuff footprint and providing a better environment for tendon healing.

      METHODS: We present an arthroscopic rotator cuff repair technique which uses suture bridges to optimize rotator cuff tendon-footprint contact area and mean pressure.

      RESULTS: Two medial row 5.5-mm Bio-Corkscrew suture anchors ...

      Known for Suture Bridges | Rotator Cuff | Double Pulley | Roman Bridge | Medial Anchors

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