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Acrocyanosis: Top KOLs in the world

Carlo Dionisi‐Vici #1
Carlo Dionisi‐Vici
Metabolic Diseases Unit, Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital IR
Known for Vici Syndrome |  Inborn Errors |  Newborn Screening |  Methylmalonic Aciduria |  Urea Cycle Disorders
Pietro Puddu #2
Pietro Puddu
Department of Immunology and Allergology, Istituto Dermopati
Known for Systemic Sclerosis |  Tissue Reactivity |  Allergic Contact Dermatitis |  Histologic Dysplasia |  Psychiatric Morbidity

Riccardo Bono #3
Riccardo Bono
Istituto Dermopatico Dell’Immacolata Concezione, IDIIRCCS, R
Known for Dermoscopic Features |  Digital Dermoscopy Analysis |  Skin Lesions |  Melanoma Thickness |  Early Diagnosis
Giovanna Monticone #4
Giovanna Monticone
Dipartimento di Immunodermatologia, Istituto Dermopatico del
Known for Postural Instability |  Body Sway |  Peripheral Neuropathy |  Iddm Patients |  Visual Evoked Potentials
Giuliana Palermi #5
Giuliana Palermi
VII Division Pediatric Dermatology, Istituto Dermopatico del
Known for Systemic Sclerosis |  Eruptive Pseudoangiomatosis |  Tinea Faciei |  Dermatitis Artefacta |  Lenitive Action
Laura Colonna #6
Laura Colonna
Day Hospital Unit, Istituto Dermopatico dell'Immacolata, IDI
Known for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome |  Pemphigus Foliaceus |  Mycosis Fungoides |  Systemic Sclerosis |  Fibroblastic Rheumatism
PatrickHenri Carpentier #7
PatrickHenri Carpentier
Centre de Recherche Universitaire de La Léchère, Université
Known for Digital Ulcers |  Patients Ssc |  Hand Disability |  Lower Limbs |  Systemic Sclerosis
Jill J F Belch #8
Jill J F Belch
Department of Vascular Medicine, Ninewells Hospital and Medi
Known for Rheumatoid Arthritis |  Systemic Sclerosis |  Cardiovascular Disease |  Intermittent Claudication |  Endothelial Function
Ernst Philip BOAS #9
Ernst Philip BOAS
From the Research Department, Sidney Hillman Health Center,
Known for Coronary Artery Disease |  Aortic Stenosis |  Angina Pectoris |  Heart Rate |  Auricular Fibrillation
Robert P Anderson #10
Robert P Anderson
Wesley Medical Research, Toowong, Australia. | ImmusanT, Inc
Known for Gluten Challenge |  Participants Nexvax2 |  Hookworm Infection |  Cytokine Release |  Celiac Disease


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Acrocyanosis Acrocyanosis is a condition involving discoloration of the extremities, most prominently the hands and feet, due to a decrease in peripheral blood flow....