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Pharyngomaxillary space abscess complicated by carotid artery erosion is now an uncommon disease. Two cases recently came under our care within a short period of time. The history of tonsillitis or other oropharyngeal infection followed by an enlarging tender neck mass with neurological involvement of cranial nerves IX through XII and the cervical sympathetic chain should alert one to the correct diagnosis. Treatment must be aggressive. A Mosher-type incision is most satisfactory, and ...

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Of 55 patients who had received, in a previously reported double-blind study, either an antihistamine-adrenergic combination or a placebo for three months for serous otitis media, 48 were followed without drug therapy for an additional year. During the follow-up period no differences were detected between the patients who had initially been treated with drugs and those who had received the placebo, as detected by audiometry, tympanometry, parental concern about hearing loss (as detected ...

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