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Adenovirus: Top KOLs in the world

Frank L Graham #1
Frank L Graham
Department of Biology, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontari
Known for Adenovirus Vectors |  Early Region |  Viral Dna |  Simplex Virus |  Gene Transfer
James Michael Wilson #2
James Michael Wilson
Gene Therapy Program, Department of Medicine, Perelman Schoo
Known for Cystic Fibrosis |  Aav Vectors |  Recombinant Adenovirus |  Nonhuman Primates |  Gene Therapy

Lennart Philipson #3
Lennart Philipson
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Karolinska Institu
Known for Adenovirus Type |  Messenger Rna |  Staphylococcus Aureus |  Motor Blockade |  Structural Proteins
Thomas E Shenk #4
Thomas E Shenk
Princeton University | Department of Molecular Biology, Prin
Known for Messenger Rna |  E1a Proteins |  Infected Cells |  Sindbis Virus
Marshall S Z Horwitz #5
Marshall S Z Horwitz
Department of Pathology, University of Washington School of
Known for Adenovirus Type |  Tumor Necrosis Factor |  Dna Polymerase |  Severe Congenital Neutropenia |  Neutrophil Elastase
David, T Curiel† #6
David, T Curiel†
Division of Cancer Biology and Biologic Therapeutics Center,
Known for Adenoviral Vectors |  Tumor Cells |  Adenovirus Receptor |  Gene Therapy |  Ovarian Cancer
Ulf Pettersson #7
Ulf Pettersson
The Beijer Laboratory, Department of Immunology, Genetics an
Known for Trypanosoma Cruzi |  Messenger Rna |  Viral Dna |  Ids Gene |  Adenovirus Type
Arnold J Berk #8
Arnold J Berk
Molecular Biology Institute, UCLA, Los Angeles, United State
Known for Tata Box |  Activated Transcription |  Messenger Rna |  E1a Protein |  Gene Expression
Michel Perricaudet #9
Michel Perricaudet
Univ Paris-Sud, 15 rue Georges Clémenceau, 91405 Orsay Cedex
Known for Adenoviral Vectors |  Recombinant Adenovirus |  Tumor Cells |  Barr Virus |  Gene Transfer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology; | Massachusetts Insti
Known for Gene Expression |  Simian Virus |  Mammalian Cells |  Transcription Factors |  Messenger Rna


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