Pavel Blecharz

Pavel Blecharz

Vsb‐tu The Faculty Of Economics, University Of Ostrava, Sokolska, Czech Republic

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Concepts for which Pavel Blecharz has direct influence:

advanced ovarian
fallopian tube
primary peritoneal
ca-125 he4
cancer months
survival early
recurrence diagnosis

Prominent publications by Pavel Blecharz

KOL-Index: 4 Dr Genichi Taguchi is a Japanese engineer and quality consultant who has promoted the use of statistical design of experiments for improving process/product quality at minimal costs. Taguchi has developed a practical and strategic approach for designing quality into products and processes at the product planning, design and development stages, which is often referred to as off‐line quality ...
Known for
Manufacturing Companies | Approach Statistical | Japanese Engineer Consultant | Process Product
KOL-Index: 2 To evaluate and to compare the effectiveness of CA-125 and HE4 serum levels in epithelial ovarian cancer (OC) in follow-up in terms of time to detection of elevation after the end of the first line treatment. To evaluate the lead-time of the rise of marker levels before epithelial OC recurrence diagnosis by Computed tomography (CT) imaging method. To evaluate the appropriate HE4 cut-off ...
Known for
Advanced Stages | Ca-125 Lead | Early Delayed | Survival Rate

VSB‐TU The Faculty of Economics, University of Ostrava, Sokolska, Czech Republic

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