• Agenesia Renal
  • Agenesia Renal

    Agenesia Renal: Top KOLs in the world

    Rudolf Jaenisch #1
    Rudolf Jaenisch
    Department of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Known for Gene Expression | Leukemia Virus | Xist Rna | Stem Cells | Dna Methylation
    David E Housman #2
    David E Housman
    Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, Massachusett
    Known for Human Chromosome | Wilms Tumor | Estrogen Receptor | Messenger Rna | Multidrug Resistance

    Vikas P Sukhatme #3
    Vikas P Sukhatme
    Morningside Center for Innovative and Affordable Medicine, E
    Known for Endothelial Cells | Growth Factor | Okadaic Acid | Gene Expression | Ionizing Radiation
    Jerry Pelletier #4
    Jerry Pelletier
    Department of Biochemistry, McGill University, Montreal, Que
    Known for Protein Synthesis | Wilms Tumor | Messenger Rna | Gene Expression | Translation Initiation
    Friedhelm Hildebrandt #5
    Friedhelm Hildebrandt
    Department of Paediatrics, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harva
    Known for Urinary Tract | Congenital Anomalies | Exome Sequencing | Kidney Disease | Nephrotic Syndrome
    Hannu V Sariola #6
    Hannu V Sariola
    University of Helsinki and HUSLAB Pediatric Pathology, 00290
    Known for Neurotrophic Factor | Situ Hybridization | Metanephric Mesenchyme | Glial Cell | Ureteric Branching
    Ganesh V Raj #7
    Ganesh V Raj
    Department of Urology, University of Texas Southwestern Medi
    Known for Blue Light Cystoscopy | Partial Nephrectomy | Prostate Cancer | Radical Cystectomy | Androgen Receptor
    Surena F Matin #8
    Surena F Matin
    Department of Urology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine,
    Known for Cytoreductive Nephrectomy | Lynch Syndrome | Upper Tract | Cell Carcinoma | Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
    Giovanni Gambaro #9
    Giovanni Gambaro
    Renal Unit, Division of Nephrology and Dialysis, Department
    Known for Diabetic Nephropathy | Urinary Excretion | Anorexia Nervosa | Calcium Oxalate | Kidney Stones
    Glenn M Preminger #10
    Glenn M Preminger
    Division of Urology, Duke University Hospital, Durham, North
    Known for Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy | Renal Calculi | Radiation Exposure | Potassium Citrate | Shock Wave Lithotripsy

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