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Alergia: Top KOLs in the world

Hugh A> Sampson #1
Hugh A> Sampson
DBV Technologies, Montrouge, France; Department of Pediatric
Known for Atopic Dermatitis |  Specific Ige |  Murine Model |  United States |  Food Allergy
Arvil Wesley Burks #2
Arvil Wesley Burks
University of North Carolina | Department of Pediatrics, Div
Known for Oral Immunotherapy |  Atopic Dermatitis |  Peanut Hypersensitivity |  Eosinophilic Esophagitis |  Food Allergy

Scott Howard Sicherer #3
Scott Howard Sicherer
Department of Paediatrics, University of Alabama at Birmingh
Known for United States |  Atopic Dermatitis |  Allergic Reactions |  Oral Immunotherapy |  Food Allergy
Susanne Halken #4
Susanne Halken
Hans Cristian Andersen Children’s Hospital, Odense Universit
Known for Allergen Immunotherapy |  Allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis |  Preterm Infants |  Atopic Disease |  Food Allergy
Kirsten Beyer #5
Kirsten Beyer
Department of Pediatric Respiratory Medicine, Immunology and
Known for Atopic Dermatitis |  Specific Ige |  Oral Immunotherapy |  Allergic Reactions |  Food Allergy
Alessandro Giovanni Fiocchi #6
Alessandro Giovanni Fiocchi
Bambino Gesù Childrens’ Hospital IRCCS, Rome, Italy | Bambin
Known for Allergic Rhinitis |  Oral Immunotherapy |  Serum Albumin |  Atopic Dermatitis |  Food Allergy
Johnannes Ring #7
Johnannes Ring
Department Dermatology and Allergy Biederstein, Technical Un
Known for West Germany |  Histamine Release |  Anaphylactoid Reactions |  Allergic Rhinitis |  Atopic Eczema
Syed Hasan Arshad #8
Syed Hasan Arshad
The David Hide Asthma and Allergy Research Centre St. Mary’s
Known for 18 Years |  Lung Function |  Allergic Sensitization |  Dna Methylation |  Food Allergy
Philippe A Eigenmann #9
Philippe A Eigenmann
Department of Infants and Adolescents, University Hospitals
Known for Allergic Diseases |  Clinical Immunology |  Allergen Immunotherapy |  Food Allergy |  Atopic Dermatitis
Robert A Wood #10
Robert A Wood
Division of Pediatric Allergy, Immunology, and Rheumatology,
Known for Oral Immunotherapy |  Asthma Severity |  United States |  Mouse Allergen |  Food Allergy