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      A new murine model of allergic conjunctivitis and effectiveness of nedocromil sodium


      BACKGROUND: Allergic conjunctivitis is the most common atopic disease affecting the eye. To study the pathophysiology and effectiveness of antiallergic drugs, it is necessary to develop animal models that closely mimic human allergic conjunctivitis.

      OBJECTIVE: The study was performed to develop an experimental murine model of ocular allergic conjunctivitis to an airborne allergen.

      METHODS: SWR/J mice were divided into the following groups: group 1, untreated, experimental; group 2, phosphate-buffered saline-treated; group 3, nedocromil sodium-treated; and group 4, unmanipulated controls. Groups 1, 2, and 3 were exposed to ragweed by topical contact with the nasal and conjunctival mucosae. Allergic conjunctivitis was evaluated by scoring of clinical signs, serum IgE levels, and histologic findings.

      RESULTS: Mice exposed to ragweed had clinicopathologic signs of allergic conjunctivitis and specific anti-ragweed IgE. Allergic conjunctivitis was modulated by nedocromil sodium. Treated mice had fewer clinical signs of allergy, lower levels of ragweed-specific IgE, reduction of conjunctival eosinophil infiltration, decrease in the number of intact and degranulating mast cells, and reduction of cytokine release.

      CONCLUSION: This is the first report of a murine model of allergic conjunctivitis to an airborne allergen that can be used to study the disease pathophysiology and its response to treatment.

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