Single Compared to Double-Bundle PCL Reconstruction Using Allograft Tissue

Authors: Gregory C FanelliCraig J EdsonJohn D Beck
Year: 2012
Times cited: 52

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Single Compared to Double-Bundle PCL Reconstruction Using Allograft Tissue


This study compares the results of arthroscopic transtibial tunnel single-bundle and double-bundle posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) reconstructions using allograft tissue in PCL-based multiple ligament injured knees. Ninety consecutive PCL reconstructions are evaluated: 45 single-bundle and 45 double-bundle reconstructions. All PCL reconstructions were performed using the arthroscopically assisted transtibial tunnel PCL reconstruction technique using fresh frozen allograft tissue from the same tissue bank. Achilles tendon allograft was used for the anterolateral bundle; tibialis anterior allograft was used for the posteromedial bundle. The knees were evaluated postoperatively, comparing the single-bundle results to the double-bundle results, with KT-1000 arthrometer (Medmetric Corporation, San Diego, CA) testing, three different knee ligament rating scales, and Telos stress radiography (Austin Associates, Fallston, MD). Both the single-bundle and the double-bundle PCL reconstruction surgical techniques using allograft tissue provide successful results in the PCL-based multiple ligament injured knee when evaluated with stress radiography, arthrometer measurements, and knee ligament rating scales.

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