• Amphetamine Withdrawal
  • Amphetamine Withdrawal

    Amphetamine Withdrawal: Top KOLs in the world

    George F Koob #1
    George F Koob
    National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, Bethesda
    Known for Animal Models | Drug Addiction | Wistar Receptors | Alcohol Dependence | Nucleus Accumbens
    Athina Markou #2
    Athina Markou
    Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, University Cal
    Known for Brain Reward Function | Wistar Receptors | Metabotropic Glutamate | Animal Models | Nicotine Withdrawal

    Larry Kokkinidis #3
    Larry Kokkinidis
    Department of Psychology, University of Canterbury, Private
    Known for Locomotor Activity | Electrical Stimulation | Nucleus Accumbens | Cold Swim | Acoustic Startle
    Manit Srisurapanont #4
    Manit Srisurapanont
    Faculty of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, Chiang Mai Un
    Known for Major Depressive Disorder | Amphetamine Withdrawal | Opioid Antagonists | Bipolar Depression | Alcohol Dependence
    Alasdair M Barr #5
    Alasdair M Barr
    Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology, and Therapeutics
    Known for Antipsychotic Drugs | Insulin Resistance | Psychotic Symptoms | Precarious Housing | Presynaptic Proteins
    Robert J Barrett #6
    Robert J Barrett
    Veterans Administration Medical Center, 37232, Nashville, TN
    Known for Drug Discrimination | Training Dose | Electroconvulsive Shock | Stimulus Properties | Chronic Haloperidol
    Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
    Known for Norepinephrine Metabolism | Mhpg Excretion | Depressive Disorders | Rat Brain | Depressed Patients
    Robert M Zacharko #8
    Robert M Zacharko
    Institute of Neuroscience, Carleton University, ON, Ontario,
    Known for Nucleus Accumbens | Brain Stimulation | Substantia Nigra | Panic Disorder | Inescapable Shock
    Friedbert Weiss #9
    Friedbert Weiss
    Department of Neuroscience, The Scripps Research Institute,
    Known for Nucleus Accumbens | Animal Models | Wistar Receptors | Ethanol Seeking | Conditioned Reinstatement
    Nancy J Leith #10
    Nancy J Leith
    Department of Pharmacology, Vanderbilt University School of
    Known for Chronic Amph | Avoidance Behavior | Adenylate Cyclase | Limbic Forebrain | Noradrenaline Receptor

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    Recently Asked Questions

    Amphetamine Withdrawal Amphetamines are a type of psychoactive drug that increase levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. Commonly known as speed, meth, or uppers,...