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Laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF) measures the flux of red blood cells in a vascular network embedded in tissue. In the present report, choroidal and ciliary body blood flow was measured continuously using an LDF technique in pentobarbital anesthetized cats. Blood flow measurements were made from the choroid beneath the lateral and superior rectus muscles and from the surface above the ciliary body 2-3 mm posterior to the limbus. In some experiments, the sympathetic nerve to the eye was ...

Known for Blood Flow |  Ciliary Body |  Intraocular Pressure |  Laser Doppler |  Carotid Arteries
KOL Index score: 8756

Intravenous administration of clonidine hydrochloride (3–100μg/kg) produced a dose-dependent pupillary dilation in anaesthetized rats. All experiments were carried out in rats in which vagosympathetic nerve trunks were sectioned bilaterally at the cervical level.Clonidine-induced mydriasis was present only in those preparations having intact parasympathetic neural tone to the iris.Depletion of CNS monoamines by more than 95% with reserpine (5mg/kg) and alpha-methyl-para-tyrosine ...

Known for Pupillary Dilation |  Clonidine Mydriasis |  Mydriatic Response |  Intravenous Administration |  Anaesthetized Rats
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Electrical stimulation of the preganglionic cervical sympathetic nerve produced frequency-related contraction of the nictitating membrane (NM) and dilation of the pupil in anesthetized cats. Observations of the effects of alpha-adrenoceptor blockade on these effectors were made simultaneously from the same preparations. All of the alpha1 -adrenoceptor antagonists tested produced a doserelated blockade of the NM with the relative potencies being prazosin > WB-4101 > phentolamine > ...

Known for Nictitating Membrane |  Pupillary Responses |  Nerve Stimulation |  Anesthetized Cats |  Relative Potencies
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A comparison of the effects on sympathetic nerve activity to the heart of intravenous administration of the selective 5-HT2/1c agonist 1-(2,5-dimethoxy-4-iodophenyl)-2-aminopropane (DOI) alone and in the presence of the peripherally acting 5-HT2/1c antagonist BW501C67 were made in alpha-chloralose anaesthetized cats. Activity in both cardiac sympathetic nerves running in the vagus and in both inferior cardiac nerves was simultaneously recorded. In addition renal and phrenic nerve ...

Known for Anaesthetized Cats |  Blood Pressure |  Heart Rate |  Nerve Activity |  Effects Doi
KOL Index score: 8303

OBJECTIVE: Dorsal column stimulation (DCS) increases blood flow to the extremities and may produce a limb-saving effect in addition to treatment of refractory chronic pain in patients with peripheral vascular disease. The purpose of this study was to examine the importance of nitric oxide in cutaneous vasodilation caused by DCS.

METHODS: Male Sprague-Dawley rats were anesthetized with pentobarbital (60 mg/kg, intraperitoneally). A unipolar ball electrode was placed on the left-side of ...

Known for Nitric Oxide |  Blood Flow |  Cutaneous Vasodilation Dcs |  Rat Hindpaw |  Dorsal Column
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Nitric oxide generated by three distinct enzyme systems appears to play a critical role in many diverse physiological processes. Using both conventional and immunohistochemical techniques, nitric oxide synthases have been identified throughout the body, including all regions of the eye. A large number of in vitro and in vivo preparations have been utilized showing nitric oxide to have an important role in regulation of regional ocular blood flow. Nitric oxide-mediated control of basal ...

Known for Nitric Oxide |  Blood Flow |  Vascular Endothelial Cells |  Synthase Regional |  Vasodilator Agents
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Electrodermal responses (EDR) were evoked centrally by stimulation of reactive loci in the posterior hypothalamus and peripherally by stimulation of the distal portion of the sectioned median or ulnar nerve. Moderate doses of clonidine (3-30 mug/kg, i.v.) reduced the amplitude of the centrally evoked EDR while having no effect on the peripherally evoked responses. This central action of clonidine occurred concomitantly with the clonidine-induced bradycardia and hypotension. ...

Known for Electrodermal Response |  Central Sympathetic |  Action Clonidine |  Posterior Hypothalamus |  Reactive Loci
KOL Index score: 7532

Intravenous administration of the alpha 1-adrenoceptor antagonist, prazosin (3-300 micrograms/kg), produced a depression of sympathetic-cholinergic electrodermal responses evoked by electrical stimulation of the posterior hypothalamus in pentobarbital anesthetized cats. Pretreatment with the alpha 2-adrenoceptor antagonists yohimbine (0.5 mg/kg) or idazoxan (0.1 mg/kg) significantly blocked the depressant effects of prazosin but had no effect on hypothalamic evoked electrodermal ...

Known for Electrodermal Responses |  Electrical Stimulation |  Central Nervous |  Adrenergic Alpha |  Posterior Hypothalamus
KOL Index score: 7529

Inhibition of parasympathetic neural tone to the iris was produced by electrical stimulation of the afferent sciatic nerve, medullary reticular formation, and posterior hypothalamus in anesthetized cats in which only the parasympathetic nerves to the eye were intact. Stimulation of all 3 sites of activation produced a graded pupillary dilation and reduction of tonic nerve activity in the short ciliary nerves. Intravenous administration of the alpha-2-adrenoceptor antagonist, yohimbine ...

Known for Oculomotor Tone |  Pupillary Dilation |  Posterior Hypothalamus |  Sciatic Nerve |  Electrical Stimulation
KOL Index score: 7153

Serotonin (5-HT)(1A) receptor agonists have been reported to produce mydriasis in mice, and miosis in rabbits and humans. However, the underlying mechanisms for this action are unclear. This study was undertaken in an attempt to explore the mechanism by which 5-HT(1A) receptors are involved in the modulation of pupillary size in pentobarbital-anesthetized rats. Intravenous administration of the 5-HT(1A) receptor agonist, (2R)-(+)-8-hydroxy-2-(di-n-propylamino)tetralin hydrobromide ...

Known for Pupillary Dilation |  Reflex Mydriasis |  Ht1a Receptor |  Nerve Stimulation |  Serotonin 5
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This study was undertaken in order to determine the potential role of prejunctional histamine H3 receptors in an in vivo adrenergic model system. Frequency-dependent nictitating membrane responses were elicited by sympathetic nerve stimulation in anesthetized cats. Systemic administration of the selective histamine H3 receptor agonist, (R)-α-methylhistamine (RαMeHA) produced a dose-related depression of amplitude of the evoked nictitating membrane responses with a threshold of about 10 ...

Known for Histamine Receptors |  Presynaptic Inhibition |  Responses Evoked |  Systemic Administration |  Anesthetized Cats
KOL Index score: 6537

Evidence suggests that in some species (cats, rabbits, and possibly humans) alpha-adrenoceptors in the iris dilator muscle are "atypical" in that they cannot be readily classified by conventional criteria. This study was undertaken in an attempt to characterize the alpha-adrenoceptor subtype(s) mediating sympathetically elicited mydriasis in rats. Frequency-response pupillary dilator curves were generated by stimulation of the preganglionic cervical sympathetic nerve (1-32 Hz) in ...

Known for Adrenergic Alpha |  Sympathetic Nervous |  Dawley Receptors |  Pupillary Dilation |  Systemic Administration


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Concept World rank
5 clonidineinduced mydriasis #1
indoramin 03310 #1
mydriatics reserpine #1
parasympathetic tone iris #1
mcna343 pupil constriction #1
miosis mcna343 #1
edr yohombine pretreatment #1
pupil epinephrine #1
clonidine congeneric #1
dosedependent inhibition edrs #1
sympathetic ganglion m1 #1
clonidine driasis #1
peak effects clonidine #1
pupillary dilation epinephrine #1
centrally evoked edr #1
epinephrine yohimbine pretreatment #1
cns effects indoramin #1
edr sympathetic injections #1
pentobarbital 36 #1
epinephrineinduced mydriasis #1
basal ocular #1
opposite pupil epinephrine #1
electrodermal reflexes decerebrate #1
epinephrine micrograms #1
clonidineinduced mydriasis rat #1
clonidine dosedependent mydriasis #1
response relationship edr #1
driasis #1
edr site #1
vagosympathetic nerves clonidine #1
antagonism epinephrineinduced mydriasis #1
yohombine pretreatment #1
clonidines depression #1
clonidine tested #1
st155 greater #1
mydriasis species #1
graded pupillary #1
microg gallamine #1
parasympathetic clonidine #1
cats ralpha #1
4damp lower potency #1
ciliary ganglia mcna343 #1
inhibition parasympathetic tone #1
amplitude anesthetized cats #1
iop lasted #1
dose miosis #1
control levels parts #1
lower potency m1 #1
anesthesia reflex amplitude #1
mydriasis central #1

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Louis Joseph Ignarro
nitric oxide guanylate cyclase cyclic gmp

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