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Anticancer Vaccines

Steven Aaron Rosenberg #1
Steven Aaron Rosenberg
Surgery Branch, Center for Cancer Research, NCI, NIH, Bethes
Known for Adoptive Transfer | Tumor Cells | Infiltrating Lymphocytes | Peripheral Blood
Nicholas P Restifo #2
Nicholas P Restifo
Lyell Immunopharma, South San Francisco, CA, USA | Lyell Imm
Known for Metastatic Melanoma | Cd8 Cells | Adoptive Transfer | Vaccinia Virus

Elizabeth M Jaffee #3
Elizabeth M Jaffee
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Sidney Kimmel C
Known for Tumor Cells | Hepatocellular Carcinoma | Cell Lines | Immune Response
Drew M Pardoll #4
Drew M Pardoll
Bloomberg∼Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy and Sidn
Known for Tumor Cells | Prostate Cancer | Inbred Balb Mice | Gene Therapy
Laurence Zitvogel #5
Laurence Zitvogel
U1015 INSERM, University Paris Saclay, Gustave Roussy Cancer
Known for Cancer Immunotherapy | Tumor Microenvironment | Trial Watch | Dendritic Cells
Giorgio PARMIANI #6
Division of Medical Oncology and Immunotherapy, University o
Known for Melanoma Cells | Inbred Balb Mice | Peripheral Blood | Cancer Vaccines
Francesco Maria Marincola #7
Francesco Maria Marincola
Kite Pharma Inc., Santa Monica, CA 90404, USA;, qi.cai2011@g
Known for Translational Medicine | Metastatic Melanoma | Tumor Microenvironment | Dendritic Cells
Lloyd John Old #8
Lloyd John Old
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, New York, New York, US
Known for Neoplasm Antigens | Monoclonal Antibodies | Cell Surface | Murine Leukemia
Cornelis Joseph Melief #9
Cornelis Joseph Melief
ISA Pharmaceuticals, Leiden, The Netherlands | Department of
Known for Mhc Class | Human Papillomavirus | Cervical Cancer | Leukemia Virus
Suzanne Louise Topalian #10
Suzanne Louise Topalian
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg/Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunoth
Known for Advisory Consultancy | Autologous Tumor | Neoadjuvant Nivolumab | Grant Funding