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Anticonvulsant Medication

Josemir W A S Sander #1
Josemir W A S Sander
University College London Queen Square Institute of Neurolog
Known for People Epilepsy | Antiepileptic Drugs | Sudden Unexpected Death | United Kingdom
Jacqueline A French #2
Jacqueline A French
Department of Neurology, New York University Grossman School
Known for Antiepileptic Drugs | Refractory Epilepsy | Vns Therapy | Seizure Frequency

Martin J Brodie #3
Martin J Brodie
Epilepsy Unit, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK | From the
Known for Antiepileptic Drugs | Refractory Epilepsy | Partial Seizures | Sodium Valproate
Ilo E Leppik #4
Ilo E Leppik
Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology, College of Pharmacy,
Known for Antiepileptic Drugs | Status Epilepticus | Partial Seizures | Elderly Patients
Simon D Shorvon #5
Simon D Shorvon
University College London Queen Square Institute of Neurolog
Known for United Kingdom | Temporal Lobe | Antiepileptic Drugs | Status Epilepticus
Richard Eugene Ramsay #6
Richard Eugene Ramsay
Department of Neurology, Ochsner Neuroscience Institute, New
Known for Elderly Patients | Vagus Nerve | Intramuscular Fosphenytoin | Partial Seizures
Shlomo Shinnar #7
Shlomo Shinnar
The Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology, Montefiore Medica
Known for Unprovoked Seizure | Infantile Spasms | Antiepileptic Drugs | Status Epilepticus
Mohamad A Mikati #8
Mohamad A Mikati
Division of Pediatric Neurology, Duke University Medical Cen
Known for Infantile Spasms | Partial Seizures | Alternating Hemiplegia | Acute Hypoxia
Robert M Post #9
Robert M Post
Bipolar Collaborative Network, Chevy Chase, MD, United State
Known for Depressed Patients | United States | Cerebrospinal Fluid | Bipolar Disorder
Andres Miguel Kanner #10
Andres Miguel Kanner
Department of Neurology, University of Miami Miller School o
Known for Antiepileptic Drugs | Depressive Disorders | Major Depression | Psychiatric Comorbidities