• Articular Chondrocytes
  • Articular Chondrocytes

    Articular Chondrocytes: Top KOLs in the world

    Martin K Lotz #1
    Martin K Lotz
    The Scripps Res. Inst., La Jolla, CA | Scripps Research Inst
    Known for Human Articular | Nitric Oxide | Growth Factor | Chondrocyte Apoptosis | Tgf Beta
    Mary Brennan GOLDRING #2
    Mary Brennan GOLDRING
    Hospital for Special Surgery, Weill Cornell Medical College,
    Known for Human Chondrocytes | Articular Cartilage | Gene Expression | Rheumatoid Arthritis | Type Collagen

    Thomas Aigner #3
    Thomas Aigner
    Department of Pathology, REGIOMED Klinikum Coburg, Germany |
    Known for Osteoarthritic Cartilage | Articular Chondrocytes | Type Collagen | Extracellular Matrix | Gene Expression
    Jean‐Pierre Pelletier #4
    Jean‐Pierre Pelletier
    Osteoarthritis Research Unit, University of Montreal Hospita
    Known for Subchondral Bone | Multiple Sclerosis | Cartilage Volume | Synovial Fibroblasts | Knee Osteoarthritis
    Johanne Martel‐Pelletier #5
    Johanne Martel‐Pelletier
    Osteoarthritis Research Unit, University of Montreal Hospita
    Known for Subchondral Bone | Cartilage Volume | Synovial Fibroblasts | Meniscal Extrusion | Knee Osteoarthritis
    Wim B van den Berg #6
    Wim B van den Berg
    Experimental Rheumatology, Radboud University Medical Center
    Known for Joint Inflammation | Articular Cartilage | Proteoglycan Synthesis | Growth Factor | Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Alan Jay Grodzinsky #7
    Alan Jay Grodzinsky
    Massachusetts Inst. of Technology, Cambridge, MA | Departmen
    Known for Mechanical Injury | Growth Factor | Injurious Compression | Extracellular Matrix | Articular Cartilage
    Klaus E Kuettner #8
    Klaus E Kuettner
    Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois | Departme
    Known for Keratan Sulfate | Superficial Zone | Extracellular Matrix | Tumor Invasion | Articular Cartilage
    Anthony Robin Poole #9
    Anthony Robin Poole
    Department of Surgery, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec C
    Known for Type Collagen | Rheumatoid Arthritis | Link Protein | Extracellular Matrix | Articular Cartilage
    Richard F Loeser #10
    Richard F Loeser
    Department of Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chap
    Known for Weight Loss | Knee Osteoarthritis | Human Articular | Intensive Diet | Growth Factor

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