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Astenia: Top KOLs in the world

Eduardo D Eduardo #1
Eduardo D Eduardo
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center | Departme
Known for Spiritual Pain |  Symptom Burden |  Latin America |  Inpatient Rehabilitation |  Advanced Cancer
David F Cella #2
David F Cella
Department of Medical Social Sciences, Northwestern Universi
Known for Quality Life |  Cancer Therapy |  Physical Function |  Gynecologic Oncology

Carlos Centeno #3
Carlos Centeno
IdiSNA—Instituto de Investigacion Sanitaria de Navarra, 3100
Known for Latin America |  Advanced Cancer |  Spanish Version |  Palliative Medicine |  Western Europe
Paul B Jacobsen #4
Paul B Jacobsen
National Cancer Institute, Division of Cancer Control and Po
Known for Quality Life |  Psychosocial Interventions |  Hot Flashes |  Adjuvant Chemotherapy |  Breast Cancer
Maria Angustias Portela #5
Maria Angustias Portela
Palliative Care Unit, Hospital Universitario Fundacion Jimen
Known for Placebo Methylphenidate |  Advanced Illness |  Fatigue Patients |  Oncology Department |  Opioid Prescription
Victoria Mock #6
Victoria Mock
†Deceased | Center for Nursing Research, Johns Hopkins Unive
Known for Emotional Distress |  Radiation Therapy |  Sleep Wake Disturbances |  Intimate Partner Violence |  Cancer Treatment
Manuel José Mejías Estévez #7
Manuel José Mejías Estévez
Coordinador, Grupo de Trabajo de Cuidados Paliativos de SEME
Known for Fatigue Cancer Patients |  Death Services Humans |  Breast Prostate |  Astenia Tumoral |  Atención Primaria
Jesús Damián TuriñoLuque #8
Jesús Damián TuriñoLuque
Servicio de Cirugía General, Hospital Universitario Virgen d
Known for Breast Prostate |  Atención Primaria |  Biliary Complications |  Graft Rejection |  Fatigue Cancer Patients
Luis Felipe Calle Cruz #9
Luis Felipe Calle Cruz
Unidad de Gestión Clínica de Camas, Sevilla, España
Known for Breast Prostate |  Astenia Tumoral |  787 Según |  Atención Primaria |  Fatigue Cancer Patients
Michael C Sharpe #10
Michael C Sharpe
King’s College, London, UK | Department of Psychiatry, Unive
Known for Major Depression |  Lung Cancer |  Pace Trial |  Organic Disease |  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome