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TIMOLOL maleate is a β-adrenergic receptor blocking agent that recently has been introduced for the treatment of glaucoma. It has gained popularity because of its effectiveness in lowering intraocular pressure without changing pupillary size or causing diminution of vision, which are noted side effects of other glaucoma medications1,2; however, timolol can be absorbed from the conjunctiva into the systemic circulation and can cause systemic side effects because of β-blockade. In the ...

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Sample of concepts for which Claudia L French is among the top experts in the world.
Concept World rank
spirometry timolol #9
timolol publication administration #24
airflow patients #49
timolol ophthalmic solution #56
asthmatic bronchitis #66

Key People For Asthmatic Bronchitis

Top KOLs in the world
Scott T Weiss
normative aging study lung function airway responsiveness
Frank E Speizer
breast cancer coronary heart disease pulmonary function
Peter John Barnes
nitric oxide chronic obstructive oxidative stress
northern congress asthma nomenclature idiosynkrasie kutanreaktion
J THOMAS Grayston
chlamydia pneumoniae tubal pregnancy strain twar
Anne Elizabeth Tattersfield
bronchial reactivity inhaled corticosteroids systemic effects

Claudia L French:Expert Impact

Concepts for whichClaudia L Frenchhas direct influence:Asthmatic bronchitis,  Airflow patients,  Systemic effects,  Intraocular pressure,  Timolol ophthalmic solution,  Timolol treatment,  Pulmonary symptoms,  Timolol therapy.

Claudia L French:KOL impact

Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Claudia L French has influence:Intraocular pressure,  Topical timolol,  Systemic effects,  Lacrimal occlusion,  Sinus tachycardia,  Beta blockers,  Conscious rabbits.



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