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    KOL Index score: 9040

    BACKGROUND: The literature pertaining to chiropractic students' opinions with respect to the desired future status of the chiropractic physician is limited and is an appropriate topic worthy of study. A previous pilot study was performed at a single chiropractic college. This current study is an expansion of this pilot project to collect data from chiropractic students enrolled in colleges throughout North America.

    OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study is to investigate North American ...

    Also Ranks for: Chiropractic Students |  north america |  evidencebased practice |  respondents chiropractors |  professional identity
    KOL Index score: 4949

    OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to collect preliminary information on the effects of chiropractic spinal manipulation on reducing risk of falls in older adults with impaired balance, as assessed by the Berg Balance Scale (BBS). This information is necessary to develop a line of investigation into the role of chiropractic care on reduction of fall risk in this population.

    METHODS: Randomized, 2-group pretest/posttest design feasibility study with a target sample size of 10 (5 per ...

    Also Ranks for: Feasibility Study |  impaired balance |  fall risk |  role chiropractic |  8 weeks
    KOL Index score: 4884

    The purpose of this collaborative summary is to document current chiropractic involvement in the public health movement, reflect on social ecological levels of influence as a profession, and summarize the relationship of chiropractic to the current public health topics of: safety, health issues through the lifespan, and effective participation in community health issues. The questions that are addressed include: Is spinal manipulative therapy for neck and low-back pain a public health ...

    Also Ranks for: Chiropractic Profession |  public health |  low pain |  manipulation spinal |  manipulative therapy
    KOL Index score: 2642

    OBJECTIVE: By nature, chiropractic is a hands-on profession using manipulation applied to the joints with direct skin-to-skin contacts. Chiropractic tables are designed with a face piece to accommodate the prone patient's head in a neutral position and hand rests to allow for relaxed shoulders and upper spine so treatment is facilitated. The purpose of this article is to present a proposed guideline for hand and treatment table surface sanitizing for the chiropractic profession that is ...

    Also Ranks for: Table Sanitizing |  hand hygiene |  teaching institutions |  infection clinical
    KOL Index score: 2324

    OBJECTIVE: Skin cancer is a major public health concern in the United States. Chiropractic physicians and interns need to recognize and refer patients with atypical moles and skin cancer. The purpose of this study was to test chiropractic interns about their current knowledge, practices, and perceptions of atypical moles and skin cancer.

    METHODS: This study was a cross-sectional study using chiropractic interns at 2 chiropractic colleges who received a 26-item survey that used a 5-point ...

    Also Ranks for: Skin Cancer |  early detection |  practices chiropractic |  primary prevention |  refer patients
    KOL Index score: 2227

    PURPOSE: To retrospectively review patient files in two teaching clinics in the United States and to assess the documented attempts to deliver health promotion messages when a chart indicated a need for health promotion or a red-flag condition that could be helped with positive behavioral changes.

    METHODS: Approximately 100 patient files were randomly selected from each of two separate chiropractic teaching clinics, for patients seen after January 2007. Files were assessed for pertinent ...

    Also Ranks for: Health Promotion |  chiropractic teaching |  primary prevention
    KOL Index score: 2103

    OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to test an educational intervention designed to increase hand and treatment table sanitizing on 3 chiropractic college campuses using a theory-based intervention. The second purpose is to see if an increase in observed hand hygiene would be noted as a result of the intervention.

    METHODS: Students at 3 campuses were surveyed, and their attitudes and practices of hand and table sanitizing were observed. The education intervention was developed using ...

    Also Ranks for: Health Promotion |  chiropractic teaching |  attitudes practice |  hand disinfection |  intervention increase
    KOL Index score: 1570

    OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to determine if thoracolumbar chiropractic manipulative therapy (CMT) had an immediate impact on exercise performance by measuring blood lactate concentration, exercise heart rate, and rating of perceived exertion during a treadmill-based graded exercise test (GXT).

    METHODS: Ten healthy, asymptomatic male and 10 female college students (age = 27.5 ± 3.7 years, height = 1.68 ± 0.09 m, body mass = 71.3 ± 11.6 kg: mean ± SD) were equally randomized ...

    Also Ranks for: Exercise Performance |  perceived exertion |  spinal manipulation |  heart rate |  outcome measures


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