Departments Of Paediatrics, University Of Auckland School Of Medicine, Auckland, New Zealand

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polynesian children
lactose malabsorption
cystic fibrosis
enteric coated beads
breath hydrogen technique
parenteral absorption
® pancrelipase

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cystic fibrosis
young adults
pancreatic deficiency
western samoa
adequate optimal
early diagnosis
dietary restriction

Prominent publications by CHRISTINE QUESTED

KOL-Index: 9 ABSTRACT. Pancreatic extracts, even in high doses, usually fail to completely control steatorrhoea in cystic fibrosis (CF), due to inactivation of the enzymes by acid and pepsin. Pancrease is a new formulation consisting of pH-sensitive, enteric coated beads which protect the pancreatic enzymes from acid and pepsin denaturation. Twelve patients with CF entered an outpatient study to examine ...
Known for
Pancrease Capsules | Rank Scores | Bowel Actions | Conventional Product
KOL-Index: 6 Lactose malabsorption was studied by a breath hydrogen technique in 139 Samoan and 68 white schoolchildren. The Samoans were studied in four locations, two in Western Samoa and two in New Zealand, and the white children in both the Cook Islands and New Zealand. The prevalence of malabsorption varied with location: for Samoans it ranged from 41% to 60% in Western Samoa and 0% to 35% in New ...
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139 Samoan | Zealand Malabsorption | South West | Milk Biscuits
KOL-Index: 4 Polynesian children have higher hospital admission rates than European children. This study compared 156 Polynesian children with 199 European children admitted to hospital for asthma. After controlling for socioeconomic status Polynesian children were similar to European children for many variables, but there were a number of important differences. The number of previous hospital admissions ...
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Admission Rates | Asthma Drug Usage | 156 Polynesian Children | Compared Europeans
KOL-Index: 3 Semi-synthetic human insulin was delivered via a novel nebulizer to the respiratory tracts of six diabetic children. Blood glucose control obtained was at least as good as a control day when they received their usual dose of subcutaneous insulin.
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Semi-Synthetic Insulin | Nebulizer

Departments of Paediatrics, University of Auckland School of Medicine, Auckland, New Zealand

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