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Bacteria: Top KOLs in the world

Robin D Knight #1
Robin D Knight
Cardiff Institute of Tissue Engineering and Repair, Cardiff
Known for Microbial Communities |  Sequence Analysis |  Genetic Code |  United States |  Gut Microbiome
James M Tiedje #2
James M Tiedje
Interdisciplinary Research Center for Soil Microbial Ecology
Known for Reductive Dechlorination |  Antibiotic Resistance |  Microbial Communities |  Ribosomal Database Project |  Bacterial Rna

Rudolf I Amann #3
Rudolf I Amann
Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Celsiusstraße
Known for Oligonucleotide Probes |  Bacterial Rna |  Activated Sludge |  Microbial Communities |  Situ Hybridization
Jeffrey I Gordon #4
Jeffrey I Gordon
Center for Gut Microbiome and Nutrition Research, Washington
Known for Transgenic Mice |  Gut Microbiota |  Binding Protein |  Escherichia Coli |  Fatty Acid
John William Costerton #5
John William Costerton
Center for Genomic Sciences, Allegheny-Singer Research Insti
Known for Pseudomonas Aeruginosa |  Electron Microscopy |  Cell Wall |  Bacterial Biofilms |  Staphylococcus Aureus
Noah G Fierer #6
Noah G Fierer
Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
Known for Temporal Variability |  Community Composition |  Soil Microbial |  Relic Dna |  Bacterial Communities
David J Lipman #7
David J Lipman
National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), Nation
Known for Genbank Sequence Databases |  Database Resources |  Sequence Analysis |  Positive Selection |  National Center
Philip Hugenholtz #8
Philip Hugenholtz
Australian Centre for Ecogenomics, School of Chemistry and M
Known for Genomic Encyclopedia |  Bacteria Archaea Project |  Situ Hybridization |  Complete Genome Sequence |  Type Strain
Webb C Miller #9
Webb C Miller
Center for Comparative Genomics and Bioinformatics, Pennsylv
Known for Human Genome |  Dna Sequences |  Gene Clusters |  Wrangel Island |  Sequence Alignment
Stephen F Altschul #10
Stephen F Altschul
Computational Biology Branch, National Center for Biotechnol
Known for Amino Acid |  Gene Expression |  Substitution Scores |  Gap Costs |  Protein Sequence