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BACKGROUND: Moisturizers are the most commonly used topically applied product for the treatment of dry skin conditions. They affect many properties and functions of the stratum corneum but some moisturizers have been reported to be detrimental to barrier function. Stratum corneum barrier function is a composite of its total structure and thickness but few studies have taken this into account. As a biosensor, the stratum corneum (SC) will change its structure in response to treatment and ...

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BACKGROUND: Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic inflammatory disease associated with changes in stratum corneum (SC) structure and function. The breakdown of epidermal barrier function in AD is associated with changes in corneocyte size and maturation, desquamation, lipid profiles, and some protease activities.

OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was: (i) to examine physiological changes in lesional (L) skin of acute eczematous AD, compared with nonlesional (NL) AD skin and healthy (H) ...

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People of skin of colour comprise the majority of the world's population and Asian subjects comprise more than half of the total population of the earth. Even so, the literature on the characteristics of the subjects with skin of colour is limited. Several groups over the past decades have attempted to decipher the underlying differences in skin structure and function in different ethnic skin types. However, most of these studies have been of small scale and in some studies ...

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Seasonal variation in stratum corneum (SC) biophysical and biological characteristics has been described previously. In particular, the winter season has been shown to affect more severely the properties of facial skin compared with forearm skin. Moreover, when compromised, such as in dry skin conditions, facial SC has been shown to contain increased inflammatory cytokines and proteases. Nevertheless, there have been no comparative studies of the activities and depth activity of several ...

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Alpha-hydroxy acids are effective agents for the treatment of skin xerosis and it is known that, following treatment with lotions containingd,l-lactic acid, the stratum corneum prevents xerosis more effectively. To date, the relative efficacy of the different isomers of lactic acid has not been evaluated and the mode of action of lactic acid in improving stratum corneum resilience is not known. The objective of the present studies was to determine the effects of lactic acid isomers on ...

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Stratum corneum lipids play a predominant role in maintaining the water barrier of the skin. In order to understand the biological variation in the levels and composition of ceramides, ceramide 1 subtypes, cholesterol and fatty acids, stratum corneum lipids collected from tape strippings from three body sites (face, hand, leg) of female Caucasians of different age groups were analysed. In addition, we studied the influence of seasonal variation on the lipid composition of stratum corneum ...

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There are indications of elevation of some inflammatory serine proteases in barrier damaged skin (e.g. plasmin and urokinase). Moreover, many other serine protease activities are present such as desquamatory enzymes as well as a newly detected tryptase-like serine protease. However, the activities of these proteases have never been correlated with stratum corneum (SC) barrier function. The activity of extractable key serine proteases (SC trypsin-like kallikreins, SC chymotrypsin-like ...

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The structure, composition, formation and function of the stratum corneum have been the subject of intense research over the last few decades. As has become apparent, stratum corneum barrier function is not only dependent on one single component but also on its total architecture. Recent developments in understanding lipid composition have led to a new ceramide nomenclature system, a new proposal for a molecular model of the interactions between ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids, ...

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OBJECTIVE: Hypotheses have been developed for the evolutionary selection of skin pigmentation one of which relates to improved skin barrier function. The aim of this study was to compare facial skin condition on photoexposed (cheek) and photoprotected (post-auricular) sites of naturally pigmented subjects of different ethnicities (Fitzpatrick skin phototypes II/III and V/VI) and Albino African subjects to understand better the relationship between facial stratum corneum (SC) barrier ...

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BACKGROUND: Knowledge of the ethnic differences and effects of photodamage on the relative amounts of natural moisturizing factor (NMF) together with filaggrin processing enzymes in facial stratum corneum is limited. Our aim was to characterize the activities of calpain-1 (C-1), bleomycin hydrolase (BH) and the levels of pyrrolidone carboxylic acid (PCA) as a marker for total NMF levels and to relate them to plasmin activities and corneocyte maturation.

METHODS: Enzyme activities, PCA ...

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Synopsis Ceramide 1 is the main repository of stratum corneum linoleic acid, and changes in the levels of ceramide 1 linoleate are associated with cutaneous abnormalities: essential fatty acid deficiency, atopic dermatitis and acne. We have previously reported seasonal variation in stratum corneum lipids where lipids, particularly ceramides, are very much reduced in winter which probably influences the appearance of skin xerosis in this season. However, investigations into the seasonal ...

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The aim of this study was to characterize the two ceramide (CER) subclasses CER[NP] and CER[EOS] of human stratum corneum and to identify the chemical structures of their subspecies. High-performance thin-layer chromatography and normal-phase high-performance liquid chromatography were used for the separation of CER fractions, whereas nanoelectrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry was applied to investigate the chemical structures in detail. Thus, CER[EOS] fragmentation revealed ...

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BACKGROUND: The analysis of stratum corneum (SC) components is a widely accepted method to determine 'skin health' status or to follow the effects of topical treatments. These analytes are normally corrected to the amount of SC removed which can be determined gravimetrically or by extraction of SC proteins and their subsequent analysis. Unfortunately, this is a time consuming procedure and usually requires a laboratory. As a result there is a need for equipment that can be used in a ...

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Assessing accurately the pH of axillary eccrine sweat is of vital importance in the antiperspirant industry. Eccrine sweat pH is a critical parameter in determining the effectiveness of antiperspirants; antiperspirant salts dissolve in sweat and diffuse into the sweat glands, where the resultant acidic solution hydrolyses in more alkaline sweat forming an amorphous metal hydroxide gel, thereby restricting the flow of eccrine sweat. Comparison of the skin surface and sweat pH of males and ...

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BACKGROUND: Sensitive skin is a poorly understood skin condition. Defects in stratum corneum (SC) barrier function and/or extrasensory neuronal networks in the epidermis are believed to be involved in the problem.

OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to unravel the relationships between bleomycin hydrolase (BH) and calpain-1 (C-1), pyrrolidone carboxylic acid (PCA) levels, corneocyte maturation, transglutaminase (TG) and plasmin activities on the cheeks of subjects with sensitive skin.


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