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Bartholin Cyst: Top KOLs in the world

Hope Katharine Haefner #1
Hope Katharine Haefner
Department Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Michigan
Known for Vulvar Dysesthesia |  Women Vulvodynia |  Mcgill Pain Questionnaire |  International Society |  Lichen Sclerosus
David A Marzano #2
David A Marzano
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Learning Health
Known for Milestones Level |  Obstetrics Gynecology |  Medical Students |  Stakeholder Perspectives |  Operating Room

D A Hill #3
D A Hill
Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Florida Hospital Family
Known for Ultrasonography Evaluation |  Abdominal Trauma |  Bartholin Gland |  Pregnant Patient |  Office Management
Robert H Young #4
Robert H Young
From the James Homer Wright Pathology Laboratories, Departme
Known for Ovarian Tumors |  Differential Diagnosis |  Cell Tumor |  Uterine Cervix |  Urinary Bladder
Andrew Eric Rosenberg #5
Andrew Eric Rosenberg
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Miller Scho
Known for Synovial Sarcoma |  Radiation Therapy |  Giant Cell Tumor |  Local Control |  Soft Tissue
Gunnlaugur Petur Nielsen #6
Gunnlaugur Petur Nielsen
Department of Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Har
Known for Situ Hybridization |  Synovial Sarcoma |  Radiation Therapy |  Chordoma Tumors |  Soft Tissue
Robert E Scully #7
Robert E Scully
James Homer Wright Pathology Laboratories, Department of Pat
Known for Ovarian Tumors |  Abdominal Pain |  Cell Tumor |  Female Genital Tract |  Uterine Cervix
Jennifer Marie Wu #8
Jennifer Marie Wu
From the Department of OB/GYN, Division of Female Pelvic Med
Known for Urinary Incontinence |  Pelvic Organ Prolapse |  Urogynecologic Surgery |  Cesarean Delivery |  United States
Mary Ellen Wechter #9
Mary Ellen Wechter
North Florida OBGYN, Jacksonville, Florida | Department of O
Known for Case Type |  Benign Hysterectomy |  Cesarean Delivery |  Maternal Request |  Vulvar Melanoma
Frederick C Koerner #10
Frederick C Koerner
Department of Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Bos
Known for Atypical Cystic Lobules |  Ductal Carcinoma |  Cyclin D1 |  Nipple Involvement |  Breast Cancer


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