Di Wu

Di Wu

From The Department Of General Internal Medicine (Nx, X-Jz, Wf, Xh); And Department Of Rheumatology And Immunology (Jz, Jl, Dw, Lz, Qw, Yh, Ml, Wz, Xz, Xt, Yz, X-Fz, Fz), ...

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chronic hepatitis
acral melanoma
interferon alfa-2b
undifferentiated pleomorphic
infrared spectroscopy
advanced mucosal
camrelizumab combined

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breast cancer
lung ultrasound
hip fracture
buffer capacity
anaerobic digestion
frail elderly
young open

Prominent publications by Di Wu

KOL-Index: 168 Crocetin is an aglycone of crocin naturally occurring in saffron and produced in biological systems by hydrolysis of crocin as a bioactive metabolite. It is known to exist in several medicinal plants, the desiccative ripe fruit of the cape jasmine belonging to the Rubiaceae family, and stigmas of the saffron plant of the Iridaceae family. According to modern pharmacological investigations, ...
KOL-Index: 111 Considering the current global goal of carbon neutrality, the relationship between cultivated land intensive use (CLIU) and carbon emission efficiency (CEE) should be explored to address the global climate crisis and move toward a low-carbon future. However, previous work in this has been conducted at provincial/regional scales and few have identified the spatial correlation between CLIU and ...
Known for
Dispersion Degree | Areas Yrb | Climate Crisis | Spatiotemporal Characteristics
KOL-Index: 108 Background: Childhood trauma can alter brain-development trajectories and lead to a greater risk of psychopathology developing in adulthood. For this reason, understanding experience-dependent brain abnormalities associated with different trauma subtypes is crucial for identifying developmental processes disrupted by unfavorable early environments and for proposing early intervention ...
Known for
Fcd Brain | Understanding Experience | Identifying Regions | Abnormalities Trauma
KOL-Index: 100 In this review, we highlight the innovative applications of biomolecules from parent cell-derived extracellular vesicles (EVs) for tissue repair that have been developed in recent years. We evaluate the underlying mechanisms and therapeutic efficacy of each therapy. In previous literature reviews, it was most common to classify the use of EVs in tissue repair by disease type. This article ...
Known for
Literature Reviews | Parent Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles | Organ Damage | Highly Differentiated Cells
KOL-Index: 100 Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a matured technology for waste (water) remediation/stabilization and bioenergy generation in the form of biogas. AD technology has several inherent benefits ranging from generating renewable energy, remediating waste (water), and reducing greenhouse gas emission to improving health/hygiene and the overall socio-economic status of rural communities in developing ...
Known for
14 Critical Reviews | 53 Manuscripts | Greenhouse Gas Emission | Bio-Electrochemical Systems
KOL-Index: 100 OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effects of swimming on the formation of atherosclerotic lesions and the corresponding mechanism. METHODS: 20 ApoE-deficient young male mice of SFP grade were assigned equally into two groups: atherosclerosis group and swimming group. Atherosclerosis models were established by feeding with high cholesterol diet. Swimming exercise was performed at a frequency of ...
Known for
Expression Enos | Atherosclerosis Plaque | Tnos Inos | Fibrous Cap Thickness
KOL-Index: 99 This study aimed to provide a quantitative evaluation of the lung gas content in orthopedic surgery patients under different anesthesia using ultrasound images based on the artificial bee colony algorithm. The ultrasound image features based on an artificial bee colony algorithm were applied to analyze segmentation images to investigate the influence of different anesthesia methods on the ...
Known for
Sclerosis Abc | Ultrasound Images | Lung Air Content | Anesthesia Orthopedic
KOL-Index: 83 Context. In Gaia DR2, an unprecedented high level of precision has been reached at sub-milliarcsecond for astrometry and millimagnitudes for photometry. Using cluster members identified with the astrometry and photometry in Gaia DR2, we can obtain a reliable determination of cluster properties. However, because of the shortcomings of ...
Known for
Age Metallicity | 295 Cluster Properties | Catalog Lamost | Kinematic Orbital Parameters
KOL-Index: 82 Functional nanomaterials are desirable in the sustainable photocatalytic degradation of antibiotic contaminants, but the development of nanostructured photocatalysts is facing fatal challenges not only in synthesis strategies but also in property control. Herein, a facile synthesis strategy is accomplished by the green synthesis of SnO2 quantum dots (QDs) engineered by Mo modification. The ...
Known for
Facile Synthesis Strategy | Degradation Efficiency | 4d Electrons | Driven Photocatalysts
KOL-Index: 82 Tungsten bronze ceramics of composition Sr2Ag0.2Na0.8Nb5-x Ta x O15 were synthesized by solid state methods to investigate the impact of Ta replacement on the structure and energy-storage properties (ESP). The study on the relationship between structure and electric properties revealed three main conclusions: (1) as the Ta5+ concentration increased, the crystal structure transformed from an ...
Known for
Orthorhombic Im2a Phase | Low-Fields | Temperature-Stable Dielectric Capacitors | Storage Density

From the Department of General Internal Medicine (NX, X-JZ, WF, XH); and Department of Rheumatology and Immunology (JZ, JL, DW, LZ, QW, YH, ML, WZ, XZ, XT, YZ, X-FZ, FZ), Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Pe

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