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    KOL Index score: 14078

    BACKGROUND: MR elastography is a new imaging tool capable of non-invasively assessing the viscoelastic properties of tissues. The clinical application of MR elastography in the diagnosis of prostate cancer remains to be elucidated.

    PURPOSE: To investigate the feasibility of MR elastography in the diagnosis of prostate cancer at 3.0T, and to assess the elasticity and viscosity of prostate cancer and benign prostatic disease.

    MATERIAL AND METHODS: Eight patients (63 ± 7.25 years old) with ...

    Also Ranks for: Prostate Cancer |  feasibility study |  peripheral zone |  elasticity imaging |  benign prostatic disease
    KOL Index score: 7072

    PURPOSE: The purpose of this work was to determine the association of renal agenesis with the different types of mullerian duct anomalies (MDAs).

    METHOD: A 5 year retrospective review of MR records identified 57 patients with MDAs. Associated renal anomalies were correlated with the various types of MDAs.

    RESULTS: Renal agenesis was found in 17 (29.8%) of 57 patients. No other renal anomalies were identified. Renal agenesis was more frequent in patients with uterus didelphys (13/16 ...

    Also Ranks for: Renal Agenesis |  mullerian duct |  uterus didelphys |  11 cases |  anomalies mdas
    KOL Index score: 420

    BackgroundBecause of the limitation of technique, there are few researches on regulating function of central hypothalamus by metabolism, especially the researches on real-time function.ObjectiveTo evaluate the response of hypothalamus to oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) in different body-weighted subjects by using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) so as to investigate the relationship between the sensitivity of hypothalamus in glycoregulation and disturbance of carbohydrate ...

    Also Ranks for: Glucose Metabolism


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    Concept World rank
    anomalies mdas #18
    elasticity prostate #22
    hemivaginal septum #29
    mullerian duct anomalies #32
    agenesis ipsilateral #33
    prostate elastography #47

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    John M Opitz
    publication abnormalities rett syndrome prenatal diagnosis
    Adrian Spencer Woolf
    urinary tract urofacial syndrome growth factor
    Edith L Potter
    perinatal mortality polycystic kidneys human kidney
    James F Reynolds
    rett syndrome prenatal diagnosis publication abnormalities
    Lewis Ball Holmes
    anticonvulsant drugs newborn infants publication abnormalities
    Luigi Fedele
    rectovaginal endometriosis pelvic pain unicornuate uterus

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    Concepts for whichSaying Lihas direct influence:Renal agenesis,  Mullerian duct,  Uterus didelphys,  Mullerian duct anomalies,  Renal anomalies,  Peripheral zone,  Prostate elastography,  Benign prostatic disease.

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    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Saying Li has influence:Müllerian duct anomalies,  Renal agenesis,  Magnetic resonance imaging,  Obstructed hemivagina,  Uterus didelphys,  Multiparametric mri,  Supraspinatus muscle.



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