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biceps tendinitis
moderate dehydration
acute gastroenteritis
poorer performance
rotavirus vaccines
overhead motion
bicipital groove

Prominent publications by Catherine A Churgay

KOL-Index: 9 Biceps tendinitis is inflammation of the tendon around the long head of the biceps muscle. Biceps tendinosis is caused by degeneration of the tendon from athletics requiring overhead motion or from the normal aging process. Inflammation of the biceps tendon in the bicipital groove, which is known as primary biceps tendinitis, occurs in 5 percent of patients with biceps tendinitis. Biceps ...
Known for
Intra-Articular Tendon | Rotator Cuff Tears | Local Anesthetic Injections | 5 Percent
KOL-Index: 8 BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Despite 21 million US adults having a disability, little is known about the types of disabilities among faculty in family medicine departments, accommodations used, or work limitations. METHODS: We surveyed family medicine department chairs electronically about the number, types of disabilities encountered, accommodations and associated costs, and attitudes toward ...
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Disabilities Encountered | Reported Adequate | Performance Acceptance
KOL-Index: 7 Acute gastroenteritis in children is a major cause of morbidity in the United States. Viral infections, primarily from rotavirus, cause 75 to 90 percent of cases. The remaining infections are largely bacterial, with as many as 10 percent of cases secondary to diarrheagenic Escherichia coli. The history and physical examination of children with gastroenteritis should focus on assessing for ...
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Child History | Degree Dehydration
KOL-Index: 7 The treatment of gastroenteritis in children focuses on preventing dehydration. A child with minimal or no dehydration should be encouraged to continue his or her usual diet plus drink adequate fluids. Many studies have shown that a child's regular diet reduces the duration of diarrhea. Oral rehydration therapy with a rehydration solution can be used to treat diarrhea in children with mild ...
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Diet Reduces | Gastroenteritis Oral | Dehydration Child

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