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Bifid Uvula: Top KOLs in the world

Robert J Shprintzen #1
Robert J Shprintzen
Inc. The Virtual Center for Velo‐Cardio‐Facial Syndrome Manl
Known for Robin Sequence |  Human Pair |  Velocardiofacial Syndrome |  Cleft Palate |  Velopharyngeal Insufficiency
Richard H Schwartz #2
Richard H Schwartz
From the Department of Pediatrics, *Inova Children's
Known for Middle Ear |  Bifid Uvula |  Haemophilus Influenzae |  Rheumatic Fever |  Otitis Media

Avron I Daniller #3
Avron I Daniller
Division of Plastic Surgery, Department of Surgery, and the
Known for Small Intestine Transplantation |  Rigid Internal Fixation |  Facial Nerve |  Bifid Uvula |  Pharyngeal Flap Surgery
Lynn Hoch #4
Lynn Hoch
Speech Pathology-Lubin Rehabilitation Center of the Weiler H
Known for Marker Relationship |  Bifid Uvula |  Speech Therapy |  Submucous Cleft Palate |  Morphologic Significance
Aubrey Chosack #5
Aubrey Chosack
Department of Pediatric Dentistry, South Africa | Department
Known for Marginal Leakage |  South Africa |  Primary Molars |  Partial Pulpotomy |  Dental Caries
James Calnan #6
James Calnan
Hammersmith Hospital, UK | Royal Postgraduate Medical School
Known for Comparative Anatomy |  Homograft Survival |  Implant Material |  Submucous Cleft Palate |  Cleft Lip
G Dekle Taylor #7
G Dekle Taylor
221 Marshall Taylor Doctors' Building, Jacksonville, Fla. 32
Known for Conductive Deafness |  Bifid Uvula |  Sports Hunter |  Acoustic Trauma |  Otolaryngologic Societies
Rudolf Reiter #8
Rudolf Reiter
Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, Section
Known for Aurora Kinase |  Squamous Cell |  Indoor Dust |  Cetuximab Treatment |  Cleft Palate
Sibylle Brosch #9
Sibylle Brosch
Sektion für Phoniatrie & Pädaudiologie, Klinik für Hals-, Na
Known for Oropharyngeale Dysphagien |  Psychogenic Voice Disorders |  Surgical Treatment |  Velar Surgery |  Cleft Palate
Stephan Haase #10
Stephan Haase
Department of Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery, University of U
Known for Ventilation Tubes |  Orofaziale Spaltbildungen |  Dna Ploidy |  Flow Cytometry |  Cleft Palate


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Bifid Uvula The bifid uvula is a small, triangular piece of tissue that hangs down from the center of the back of the palate (roof of the mouth). It is located just...