• Bipolar Disorder Bpd
  • Bipolar Disorder Bpd

    Bipolar Disorder Bpd: Top KOLs in the world

    Susan L McElroy #1
    Susan L McElroy
    SLM Lindner Center of HOPE, Mason, Ohio, USA | Lindner Cente
    Known for Binge Eating | Bulimia Nervosa | United States | Acute Mania | Bipolar Disorder
    Stephen V Faraone∗ #2
    Stephen V Faraone∗
    Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, State Univ
    Known for Attention Deficit | Children Adhd | Major Depression | Behavioral Inhibition | Hyperactivity Disorder

    Paul E Keck #3
    Paul E Keck
    Linder Center of Hope, Mason, OH, and Biological Psychiatry
    Known for Acute Mania | United States | Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome | Bulimia Nervosa | Bipolar Disorder
    Gary S Sachs #4
    Gary S Sachs
    Department of Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve School of Med
    Known for Rapid Cycling | Acute Mania | Suicidal Ideation | Weight Gain | Bipolar Disorder
    Nicholas J Craddock #5
    Nicholas J Craddock
    National Centre for Mental Health, Cardiff University, Cardi
    Known for Puerperal Psychosis | Major Depression | Darier Disease | Suicide Attempt | Bipolar Disorder
    Hagop Souren Akiskal #6
    Hagop Souren Akiskal
    University of California at San Diego USA. | Department of P
    Known for Mixed States | Major Depressive | Suicidal Ideation | Bipolar Disorder | Affective Temperaments
    Stephen M Strakowski #7
    Stephen M Strakowski
    Division of Bipolar Disorders Research, University of Cincin
    Known for Magnetic Resonance | Sustained Attention | Brain Activation | Manic Episode | Bipolar Disorder
    Robert M Post #8
    Robert M Post
    Bipolar Collaborative Network, Chevy Chase, MD, United State
    Known for Depressed Patients | United States | Cerebrospinal Fluid | Bipolar Disorder | Affective Illness
    Eduardo Eduard #9
    Eduardo Eduard
    Bipolar and Depressive Disorders Unit, Hospital Clinic (EJ,
    Known for Cognitive Impairment | Acute Mania | Functional Outcome | Depressive Symptoms | Bipolar Disorder
    Joseph R Calabrese #10
    Joseph R Calabrese
    Gao, MD, PhD, Calabrese, MD, Department of Psychiatry, Unive
    Known for Suicidal Ideation | Rapid Cycling | Major Depression | National Guard | Bipolar Disorder

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