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    OBJECTIVES: We investigated the effect of elevated levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) and exposure to Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) on the severity of cognitive impairment in individuals with schizophrenia.

    METHODS: We measured the levels of CRP and of antibodies to HSV-1 in serum samples from 588 individuals with schizophrenia by enzyme immunoassay tests. Cognitive functioning was measured with the Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status (RBANS) and ...

    Also Ranks for: Cognitive Impairment |  herpes simplex |  individuals schizophrenia |  elevated levels |  reactive protein
    KOL Index score: 14180

    BACKGROUND: In a previous investigation, we found an association between reduced cognitive functioning and the prevalence of antibodies to herpes simplex virus type 1 in individuals with schizophrenia. The current study was undertaken to determine if this association also occurs in individuals with bipolar disorder.

    METHODS: Cognitive functioning and serologic evidence of infection with potentially neurotropic herpesviruses were measured in 117 individuals with bipolar disorder and in ...

    Also Ranks for: Bipolar Disorder |  simplex virus type |  cognitive functioning |  infection herpes |  serologic evidence
    KOL Index score: 14013

    OBJECTIVES: Bipolar disorder (BD) is frequently misdiagnosed as major depressive disorder (MDD), which may lead to inappropriate treatment and poor outcomes. This study aimed to compare demographic and clinical features between patients with MDD and those with BD, but being misdiagnosed as MDD, in China.

    METHODS: A total of 1487 patients diagnosed with MDD were consecutively evaluated in 13 psychiatric hospitals or psychiatric units of general hospitals nationwide in China. The patients' ...

    Also Ranks for: Bipolar Disorder |  major depressive |  patients mdd |  psychotic symptoms |  onset 95
    KOL Index score: 13227

    OBJECTIVE: This study examined the prevalence of cigarette smoking and the quantity of cigarettes consumed by individuals with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder and by those with no psychiatric disorder in the period 1999-2011.

    METHODS: A total of 991 individuals with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or no psychiatric illness provided information about their cigarette smoking at recruitment into a research study for which they were selected without regard to their smoking status. ...

    Also Ranks for: Cigarette Smoking |  bipolar disorder |  individuals schizophrenia |  psychiatric illness |  study prevalence
    KOL Index score: 12713

    BACKGROUND: Overweight and obesity are epidemic among persons with serious mental illness, yet weight-loss trials systematically exclude this vulnerable population. Lifestyle interventions require adaptation in this group because psychiatric symptoms and cognitive impairment are highly prevalent. Our objective was to determine the effectiveness of an 18-month tailored behavioral weight-loss intervention in adults with serious mental illness.

    METHODS: We recruited overweight or obese ...

    Also Ranks for: Mental Illness |  loss intervention |  behavioral weight |  18 months |  control participants
    KOL Index score: 12248

    BACKGROUND: Prior reports of decreased levels of essential fatty acids among schizophrenic patients have generated several hypotheses proposing inherent abnormalities in phospholipid and fatty acid metabolism and have provided the basis for treatment trials; however, these essential fatty acid aberrations may be attributable to uncontrolled factors, such as smoking, rather than abnormalities inherent to schizophrenia.

    METHODS: Erythrocyte fatty acid compositions were quantified in 72 ...

    Also Ranks for: Fatty Acid |  schizophrenic patients |  schizoaffective disorder |  dietary intake |  factors smoking
    KOL Index score: 11859

    The Measurement and Treatment Research to Improve Cognition in Schizophrenia (MATRICS) and Treatment Units for Research on Neurocognition and Schizophrenia projects were designed to facilitate the development of new drugs for the treatment of cognitive impairments in people with schizophrenia. The MATRICS project identified three drug mechanisms of particular interest: dopaminergic, cholinergic, and glutamatergic. As a group, while people with schizophrenia have moderate cognitive ...

    Also Ranks for: Galantamine Memantine |  cognition schizophrenia |  cognitive impairment |  approved medications |  drug mechanisms
    KOL Index score: 11729

    Cognitive impairment is a core feature of schizophrenia. Previous studies have indicated that exposure to neurotropic infectious agents such as Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 may contribute to cognitive deficits and neuroanatomical abnormalities in individuals with schizophrenia. We examined the association between exposure to neurotropic infectious agents and cognitive function in 1308 participants in the Clinical Antipsychotic Trials of Intervention Effectiveness (CATIE) trial. This ...

    Also Ranks for: Herpes Simplex Virus |  cognitive deficits |  type 1 |  individuals schizophrenia |  serological evidence
    KOL Index score: 11643

    The Schizophrenia Patient Outcomes Research Team (PORT) psychosocial treatment recommendations provide a comprehensive summary of current evidence-based psychosocial treatment interventions for persons with schizophrenia. There have been 2 previous sets of psychosocial treatment recommendations (Lehman AF, Steinwachs DM. Translating research into practice: the Schizophrenia Patient Outcomes Research Team (PORT) treatment recommendations. Schizophr Bull. 1998;24:1-10 and Lehman AF, ...

    Also Ranks for: Psychosocial Treatment |  schizophrenia port |  summary statements |  token economy |  cognitive remediation
    KOL Index score: 11554

    BACKGROUND: Bipolar disorder is associated with deficits in cognitive functioning. The etiology of cognitive impairment in bipolar disorder may relate to both genetic and environmental factors. A valine/methionine polymorphism of the catechol O-methyltransferase gene at amino acid 158 (COMT Val158Met polymorphism) has been identified as a risk factor for cognitive impairment in schizophrenia. Serological evidence of infection with herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) has also been ...

    Also Ranks for: Cognitive Impairment |  bipolar disorder |  val158met polymorphism |  serological evidence |  herpes simplex
    KOL Index score: 11536

    Latent infection with neurotropic herpes viruses, such as herpes simplex virus, type 1 (HSV1), has been generally considered benign in most immunocompetent individuals except for rare cases of encephalitis. However, several recent studies have shown impaired cognitive functions among individuals with schizophrenia exposed to HSV1 compared with schizophrenia patients not exposed to HSV1. Such impairments are robust and are prominently observed in working memory, verbal memory, and ...

    Also Ranks for: Cognitive Impairment |  simplex virus |  hsv1 exposure |  type 1 |  schizophrenia patients
    KOL Index score: 11426

    BACKGROUND: Increased immune sensitivity to gluten has been reported in schizophrenia. However, studies are inconsistent about this association.

    METHODS: The sample of 471 individuals included 129 with recent-onset psychosis, 191 with multi-episode schizophrenia, and 151 controls. Immunoglobulin (Ig)G and IgA antibodies to gliadin and to tissue transglutaminase, and IgG antibodies to deamidated gliadin were measured. Quantitative levels of antibodies in the psychiatric groups were ...

    Also Ranks for: Celiac Disease |  gluten sensitivity |  onset psychosis |  episode schizophrenia |  levels antibodies
    KOL Index score: 11375

    Cognitive dysfunction is an important feature of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. There is uncertainty about the relative magnitude of cognitive deficits in these disorders. We evaluated a total of 446 individuals: 229 with schizophrenia, 117 with bipolar disorder, and 100 controls without a history of psychiatric disorder. All participants were administered the Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status (RBANS), a cognitive screening battery that evaluated ...

    Also Ranks for: Bipolar Disorder |  repeatable battery |  cognitive functioning |  neuropsychological status |  schizophrenia severity
    KOL Index score: 11283

    Increased rates of exposure to Toxoplasma gondii have been found in individuals with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, but the association between Toxoplasma and cognitive functioning has not previously been examined. We measured IgG and IgM class antibodies to Toxoplasma in 408 nonelderly individuals with schizophrenia, 347 with bipolar disorder, and 352 nonpsychiatric controls. Cognitive functioning was measured with the Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological ...

    Also Ranks for: Bipolar Disorder |  cognitive functioning |  toxoplasma gondii |  nonpsychiatric controls |  neuropsychological status


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    achieve portion sizes #1
    rbans variables wcst #1
    schizophrenia patient report #1
    hsv1 positive #1
    variables employment status #1
    rbans variables #1
    underlying illness process #1
    persistent schizophrenia #1
    psychotherapy patient population #1
    mortality natural #1
    portion sizes barriers #1
    shared variance sfs #1
    peer providers tobacco #1
    cesq #1
    behaviors highest concordance #1
    token economy schizophrenia #1
    combination therapy conditioning #1
    consumed individuals #1
    312 nonpsychiatric controls #1
    expanded instrument #1
    smi patients diabetes #1
    social functioning outpatients #1
    personal therapy acceptance #1
    nonpsychiatric controls total #1
    2year followup1this work #1
    ratings caregivers #1
    token economy combination #1
    1 cognitive #1
    rehabilitation interventions anchors #1
    sfs r2c #1
    mental illness strategies #1
    schizophrenia older women #1
    2week placebo runin #1
    residential independence groups #1
    benefit symptom reduction #1
    cognitive functioning schizophrenia #1
    acid epa percent #1
    population natural #1
    residential independence outpatients #1
    expanded version anchors #1
    interview probes #1
    72 stable outpatients #1
    therapeutic elements psychotherapy #1
    predictors residential independence #1
    mental illnesses persons #1
    interview probes assessment #1
    difference bipolar disorder #1
    adjunctive valacyclovir #1
    residual symptoms addition #1
    n59 randomized patients #1

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