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bipolar disorder
first-episode psychosis
obstetric complications
psychotic symptoms
unaffected relatives
childhood adversity
symptom dimensions

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bipolar disorder
first-episode psychosis
contemporary challenges
psychotic symptoms
hippocampal volume
gene-environment interactions
large-scale investigations

Prominent publications by Robin MacGregor Murray

KOL-Index: 234 The current management of patients with primary psychosis worldwide is often remarkably stereotyped. In almost all cases an antipsychotic medica-tion is prescribed, with second-generation antipsychotics usually preferred to first-generation ones. Cognitive behavioral therapy is rarely used in the vast majority of countries, although there is evidence to support its efficacy. Psychosocial ...
Known for
Management Primary
KOL-Index: 181 The influence of psychosocial stressors on psychosis risk has usually been studied in isolation and after the onset of the disorder, potentially ignoring important confounding relationships or the fact that some stressors that may be the consequence of the disorder rather than preexisting. The study of subclinical psychosis could help to address some of these issues. In this study, we ...
Known for
Ethnicity | Experiences Social | Dimension Depressive | Favor
KOL-Index: 181 Longitudinal MRI is used in clinical research studies to examine illness progression, neurodevelopment, and the effect of medical interventions. Such studies typically report changes in brain volume of less than 5%. However, there is a concern that these findings could be obscured or confounded by small changes in brain volume estimates caused by physiological factors such as, dehydration, ...
Known for
Adni-Iii Protocol | Systolic Diastolic Blood Pressure | Hypothesised Brain Regions | Brain Volumes
KOL-Index: 131 Diagnostic categories do not completely reflect the heterogeneous expression of psychosis. Using data from the EU-GEI study, we evaluated the impact of schizophrenia polygenic risk score (SZ-PRS) and patterns of cannabis use on the transdiagnostic expression of psychosis. We analysed first-episode psychosis patients (FEP) and controls, generating transdiagnostic dimensions of psychotic ...
Known for
Transdiagnostic Expression | Schizophrenia Cannabis | Affective Dimensions | Diagnostic Categories
KOL-Index: 116 Several groups have reported weak evidence for linkage between schizophrenia and genetic markers located on chromosome 22q using the lod score method of analysis. However these findings involved different genetic markers and methods of analysis, and so were not directly comparable. To resolve this issue we have performed a combined analysis of genotypic data from the marker D22S278 in ...
Known for
Likelihood Ratio Method | Sib-Pair | Maximum | 11 Groups
KOL-Index: 98 BACKGROUND: Daily use of high-potency cannabis has been reported to carry a high risk for developing a psychotic disorder. However, the evidence is mixed on whether any pattern of cannabis use is associated with a particular symptomatology in first-episode psychosis (FEP) patients. METHOD: We analysed data from 901 FEP patients and 1235 controls recruited across six countries, as part of the ...
Known for
Highest | Large-Scale | Gene-Environment Interactions Eu-Gei | Symptomatology
KOL-Index: 93 In response to reported schizophrenia linkage findings on chromosomes 3, 6 and 8, fourteen research groups genotyped 14 microsatellite markers in an unbiased, collaborative (New) sample of 403-567 informative pedigrees per marker, and in the Original sample which produced each finding (the Johns Hopkins University sample of 46-52 informative pedigrees for chromosomes 3 and 8, and the Medical ...
Known for
Chromosome Asp | Lod2 | Lod Scores | Disorders Regions
KOL-Index: 92 The CNV analysis group of the Psychiatric Genomic Consortium analyzes a large schizophrenia cohort to examine genomic copy number variants (CNVs) and disease risk. They find an enrichment of CNV burden in cases versus controls and identify 8 genome-wide significant loci as well as novel suggestive loci conferring either risk or protection to schizophrenia.
Known for
Enrichment | Protection | Genomic Copy Number | 8 Genome-Wide Loci
KOL-Index: 91 Preterm birth is associated with an elevated risk of developmental and adult psychiatric disorders, including psychosis. In this review, we evaluate the implications of neurodevelopmental, cognitive, motor, and social sequelae of preterm birth for developing psychosis, with an emphasis on outcomes observed in adulthood. Abnormal brain development precipitated by early exposure to the ...
Known for
Birth Implications | Adulthood Abnormal | Early Neurodevelopmental | Motor Social

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