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      Susan L McElroy

      SLM Lindner Center of HOPE, Mason, Ohio, USA | Lindner Center of HOPE, Mason, OH, USA | Department of Psychiatry, Lindner Center of HOPE, Mason, OH, USA. | Lindner Center of ...



      KOL Resume for Susan L McElroy


      SLM Lindner Center of HOPE, Mason, Ohio, USA

      Lindner Center of HOPE /University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, United States


      Lindner Center of HOPE, Mason, Ohio, USA


      Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, OH and Lindner Center of HOPE, Mason, OH, USA

      Lindner Center of HOPE, Mason, OH; and University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, OH


      Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine,Cincinnati, OH and Lindner Center of HOPE, Mason, OH,USA.

      Lindner Center of Hope, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH USA


      Lindner Center of HOPE, Mason, OH

      Mr. Blom is with the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in Cincinnati, Ohio.

      Biological Psychiatry Program, University of Cincinnati Medical College, Cincinnati, Ohio

      Dr. Sheehan is with the University of South Florida College of Medicine in Tampa, Florida.

      Drs. Herman and Gasior and Ms. Radewonuk are formerly affiliated with Shire Pharmaceuticals in Lexington, Massachusetts.


      Lindner Center of HOPE, Mason, USA

      Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, OH

      University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, Ohio


      Craig and Frances Lindner Center of HOPE, Research Institute, 4075 Old Western Row Rd, Mason, OH 45040

      From the VA Palo Alto Health Care System, Palo Alto, and the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford, Calif.; the Department of Psychiatry, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio; the Department of Psychiatry, UCLA, Los Angeles; the Department of Psychiatry, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.; the Lindner Center of HOPE, University of Cincinnati, Mason, Ohio; University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, the Netherlands; the Altrecht Institute for Mental Health Care, Utrecht, and VU University Medical Centre Amsterdam, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands; the Biological Psychiatry Branch, NIMH, Bethesda, Md.; the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Paracelsus Medical University, and Christian Doppler Klinik, Salzburg, Austria; and the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

      b Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience , University of Cincinnati College of Medicine , Cincinnati , OH , USA.

      Lindner Center of HOPE Mason Ohio USA

      Department of Psychiatry, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, OH, United States



      Susan L McElroy: Influence Statistics

      Sample of concepts for which Susan L McElroy is among the top experts in the world.
      Concept World rank
      subsequent biomarker #1
      armodafinil binge #1
      genetic studies aspects #1
      opioid antagonists alks33 #1
      serum concentrations valproate #1
      bipolar anxiety disorders #1
      disorder antecedent #1
      antecedent substance abuse #1
      conduct disorder life #1
      body weight pathology #1
      economic cost illness #1
      62 outpatients #1
      statistical approaches snp #1
      pgt studies #1
      bingepurge episode frequency #1
      illness cgis #1
      lamotrigine bingeeating disorder #1
      bed medical conditions #1
      clinical subphenotype #1
      studies mixed mania #1
      adjunctive moarm #1
      weight loss topiramate #1
      mixed bipolar disorders #1
      future epigenetic quantification #1
      placebo cessation #1
      citations aripiprazole #1
      medication effects differences #1
      mixed mania women #1
      discontinuers followup duration #1
      patients syndromic recovery #1
      suicidality bipolar patients #1
      bipolar spectrum patients #1
      earlyonset individual snps #1
      terms dysphoric mania #1
      multipleepisode mania #1
      depressive relapse antidepressants #1
      icds bipolar disorder #1
      reducing binge #1
      principal syndromes #1
      tempsa unaffected relatives #1
      rs62122114 #1
      risk tcf7l2 #1
      severe hypomania #1
      axis bipolar disorder #1
      modified binge #1
      study solriamfetol #1
      bipolar disorders women #1
      safety lisdexamfetamine #1
      obesity recurrent binge #1
      rs12610663 #1


      Prominent publications by Susan L McElroy

      KOL-Index: 15172

      OBJECTIVE: The authors examined the comparative risks of switches in mood polarity into hypomania or mania during acute and continuation trials of adjunctive antidepressant treatment of bipolar depression.

      METHOD: One hundred fifty-nine patients with bipolar I disorder or bipolar II disorder participated in a total of 228 acute (10-week) randomized trials of bupropion, sertraline, or venlafaxine as an adjunct to a mood stabilizer. Patients in 87 of these trials entered continuation ...

      Known for Mania Patients | Mood Stabilizers | Bupropion Sertraline | Bipolar Disorder | Acute Treatment
      KOL-Index: 15018

      OBJECTIVE: Bipolar disorder often co-occurs with other axis I disorders, but little is known about the relationships between the clinical features of bipolar illness and these comorbid conditions. Therefore, the authors assessed comorbid lifetime and current axis I disorders in 288 patients with bipolar disorder and the relationships of these comorbid disorders to selected demographic and historical illness variables.

      METHOD: They evaluated 288 outpatients with bipolar I or II disorder, ...

      Known for Bipolar Disorder | Comorbidity Patients | Current Axis | Earlier Age | Illness Onset
      KOL-Index: 14671

      OBJECTIVES: To compare demographic and clinical characteristics between bipolar adolescents with and without a history of stimulant treatment, we hypothesized that adolescents treated with stimulants would have an earlier age at onset of bipolar disorder, independent of co-occurring attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

      METHOD: Thirty-four adolescents hospitalized with mania were assessed using the Washington University at St Louis Kiddie Schedule for Affective Disorders and ...

      Known for Bipolar Disorder | Stimulant Treatment | Age Onset | Washington University | Deficit Hyperactivity
      KOL-Index: 14590

      OBJECTIVE: While guidelines for treating patients with bipolar depression recommend discontinuing antidepressants within 6 months after remission, few studies have assessed the implications of this strategy on the risk for depressive relapse. This study examined the effect of antidepressant discontinuation or continuation on depressive relapse risk among bipolar subjects successfully treated for an acute depressive episode.

      METHOD: Eighty-four subjects with bipolar disorder who achieved ...

      Known for Depressive Relapse | Antidepressant Discontinuation | Acute Bipolar | 6 Months | Year Follow
      KOL-Index: 13462

      OBJECTIVE: We previously found that compared with Europe more parents of the USA patients were positive for a mood disorder, and that this was associated with early onset bipolar disorder. Here we examine family history of psychiatric illness in more detail across several generations.

      METHODS: A total of 968 outpatients (average age 41) with bipolar disorder from four sites in the USA and three in the Netherlands and Germany (abbreviated as Europe) gave informed consent and provided ...

      Known for Bipolar Disorder | Psychiatric Illness | Europe Usa | Parents Grandparents | Netherlands Germany
      KOL-Index: 13051

      OBJECTIVE: To determine the prevalence of food addiction in a large Brazilian non-clinical sample. Sociodemographic and psychopathological correlates of food addiction as well as associations with quality (QoL) domains were also investigated.

      METHODS: This cross-sectional study obtained data from a Brazilian anonymous web-based research platform (N = 7639; 71.3% females). Participants provided sociodemographic data and completed the modified Yale Food Addiction Scale 2.0, PHQ-9, ...

      Known for Food Addiction | Large Sample | Psychopathological Correlates | Quality Life | Sociodemographic Data
      KOL-Index: 12983

      INTRODUCTION: This study examined the reproductive function and prevalence of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in women with bipolar disorder taking antimanic medications.

      METHOD: Women aged 18-45 treated for bipolar disorder and not taking steroid contraceptives were recruited to complete questionnaires about their menstrual cycle and to provide blood samples for measurement of a range of reproductive endocrine and metabolic hormone levels. Eighty women participated in completing the ...

      Known for Bipolar Disorder | Reproductive Function | Menstrual Abnormalities | Pcos Women | Treatment Valproate
      KOL-Index: 12937

      IMPORTANCE: Binge-eating disorder (BED), a public health problem associated with psychopathological symptoms and obesity and possibly with metabolic syndrome, lacks approved pharmacotherapies.

      OBJECTIVE: To examine the efficacy and safety of lisdexamfetamine dimesylate, a dextroamphetamine prodrug, to treat moderate to severe BED.

      DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS: We performed a randomized, double-blind, parallel-group, forced dose titration, placebo-controlled clinical trial at 30 ...

      Known for Week Placebo | Eating Disorder | Lisdexamfetamine Dimesylate | Randomized Clinical Trial | Efficacy Safety
      KOL-Index: 12411

      CONTEXT: The prevalence of depressive symptoms co-occurring with hypomanic symptoms has not been quantified. Whether there is a greater likelihood for women to experience mixed symptoms has not been resolved.

      OBJECTIVES: To determine whether mixed hypomania is observed more frequently than euphoric hypomania and whether a sex effect exists in patients with bipolar disorder.

      SETTING: Academic research settings in the United States (4 sites) and Europe (3 sites).

      PARTICIPANTS: Subjects ...

      Known for Mixed Hypomania | Bipolar Disorder | Hypomanic Symptoms | Greater Likelihood | Rating Scales

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      bipolar disorder rapid cycling acute mania

      Susan L McElroy:Expert Impact

      Concepts for whichSusan L McElroyhas direct influence:Bipolar disorder,  Binge eating,  Bipolar depression,  Patients bipolar disorder,  Eating disorder,  Binge eating disorder,  Bulimia nervosa,  United states.

      Susan L McElroy:KOL impact

      Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Susan L McElroy has influence:Bipolar disorder,  Binge eating,  Depressive symptoms,  Internet addiction,  Compulsive buying,  Mental health,  Atypical antipsychotics.



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      SLM Lindner Center of HOPE, Mason, Ohio, USA | Lindner Center of HOPE, Mason, OH, USA | Department of Psychiatry, Lindner Center of HOPE, Mason, OH, USA. | Lindner Center of HOPE, Mason, OH, USA; Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience,

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