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blinded trial
pain therapy
prt procedure
intervertebral space
spinal stenosis
radiating dermatome

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27 african
protocol compliant
internet statistics
qualitative questions
successful participation
financial resource
regulatory barriers

Prominent publications by Martin Griger

KOL-Index: 33 BACKGROUND: The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted routine hospital services globally. This study estimated the total number of adult elective operations that would be cancelled worldwide during the 12 weeks of peak disruption due to COVID-19. METHODS: A global expert response study was conducted to elicit projections for the proportion of elective surgery that would be cancelled or postponed ...
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Elective Caesarean Sections | Disruption Number | Bayesian Β-Regression Model | Postponed Peak
KOL-Index: 2 In this prospective multi-centre double-blind trial the effect of the X-ray examinations controlled periradicular therapy should be examined in (approximately 300) adult patients with low back pain pain caused by foraminal stenosis radiculopathy or spinal stenosis.A periradicular therapy (PRT) is a special radiological, low-risk therapy for chronic back pain caused by wear and tear of the ...
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Effective Drugs | Unique Number | Origin Odi | Ray Examination

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