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This study investigated the use of condoms, attitudes to condoms and correlates of these in women in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. A survey using a Condom Attitudes Scale was administered to a convenience sample of 160 women. With regular partners, these women had a low level of use of condoms, with a somewhat higher level of use with casual partners. Their perceived risk of Human Immunodeficiency Virus and other sexually transmitted diseases was not strong. These women's ...

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This exploratory study investigated the attitudes of Aboriginal women in Darwin to the use of condoms to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. An Aboriginal research assistant interviewed twelve women regarding their usage of and attitudes to the male condom and their attitude to the possibility of using a female condom. These women, like their ethnic minority counterparts in Africa and North America, had a fair level of knowledge about HIV, a low level of perceived risk ...

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This study investigates Australian nursing academics' publications in nursing and health journals in 1993-94. It describes the personal and professional characteristics of the authors, characteristics of the articles and interactions among these characteristics. Frequency descriptions were done to describe data and cross-tabulations were used to investigate relationships. The major findings about the authors are that few nurse-academics are publishing, that those who do publish are ...

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This study compared the effectiveness of chilled green cabbage leaves and chilled gelpaks in reducing breast engorgement in postpartum mothers. Thirty-four lactating women with breast engorgement used chilled cabbage leaves on one breast and chilled gelpaks on the other for up to eight hours. Their pain levels were established pre-treatment and compared post-treatment for both conditions. There was no difference in the post-treatment ratings for the two treatments. Mothers reported a ...

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This study compared the effectiveness of chilled and room temperature green cabbage leaves in reducing the discomfort of breast engorgement in postpartum mothers. Twenty-eight lactating women with breast engorgement used chilled cabbage leaves on one breast and room-temperature cabbage leaves on the other for a two-hour period. Pre-treatment pain levels were compared with post-treatment levels for both conditions. There was no difference in the post-treatment ratings for the two ...

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The effectiveness of cabbage leaf extract was compared with that of a placebo in treating breast engorgement in lactating women. In a double-blind experiment with a pretest/posttest design, 21 participants received a cream containing cabbage leaf extract, while 18 received placebo cream. The placebo group received equal relief to the treated group, with the two groups showing no difference on all outcome measures. However, mothers perceived both creams to be effective in relieving ...

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This paper reviews concepts, issues and research findings related to the role of the nurse-practitioner; in particular, findings related to the role of the rural nurse-practitioner are considered. Issues related to the nurse-practitioner, including effectiveness, physician acceptance, client acceptance, models of practice, legal issues, reimbursement, licensure and educational implications are discussed. It is concluded that the nurse-practitioner is a valuable profession.

Also Ranks for: Rural Nurse |  practitioners nursing |  health personnel |  professional practice

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