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    KOL Index score: 2483

    We present an analytic theory for the operation of a Smith–Purcell free-electron laser with side walls that includes the effects of transverse diffraction in the optical beam. We allow the width of the electron beam and the width of the grating to vary independently and require the walls to be high compared to the wavelength of the evanescent wave. The results show that the side walls change the empty-grating dispersion relation in important ways. When the separation of the walls is not ...

    Also Ranks for: Electron Laser |  purcell free |  evanescent wave |  transverse diffraction |  dimensional theory
    KOL Index score: 2133

    &NA Brain potential records have been taken on a series of fifty men during maintained addiction to morphine, and on a second series of fifty men whose addiction had been terminated for at least one year. Neither group shows alpha percentage distribution curves in agreement with those found by other workers for normal groups. The addiction state is characterized by an abnormally high alpha output. In some cases the high alpha index is maintained following withdrawal, while in others ...

    Also Ranks for: Morphine Addiction |  alpha rhythm |  single dose
    KOL Index score: 1940

    We describe an analytical theory for the gain of a Cerenkov free-electron laser including diffraction of the optical beam in the direction transverse to the electron beam, parallel to the surface of the dielectric. Since the width of the optical beam depends on the gain, the usual cubic dispersion relation of two-dimensional slow-wave structures is replaced by a 5∕2-power dispersion relation, but three of the five roots are extraneous. The results show that for a narrow electron beam, ...

    Also Ranks for: Electron Beam |  dimensional theory |  dispersion relation |  transverse diffraction |  depends gain
    KOL Index score: 241
    Also Ranks for: Brain Potentials
    KOL Index score: 141

    Cu foils, 200μm in thickness, were heated in two stages by a ∼100-ns-long monoenergetic electron bunch at 19.8 MeV and a current of 1.7 kA (8.5×1014 e−) in a 2-mm-spot to Te∼1 eV. After 45 ns of isochoric heating, the pressure in the foil builds up to >20 GPa (200 kbar), it begins to hydrodynamically disassemble, and a velocity spread is measured. Near the end of the electron pulse, the 1550 nm probe is cut off or absorbed. Photonic Doppler velocimetry measurements were made to quantify ...

    Also Ranks for: Electron Beam |  2 mm
    KOL Index score: 35

    The LANL/AES normal-conducting radio-frequency injector has been tested at cw cathode gradients up to 10 MV/m. Field-emission electrons from a roughened copper cathode are accelerated to beam energy as high as 2.5 MeV and impinge on a stainless steel target. The energies of the resulting bremsstrahlung photons are measured at varying levels of injector cavity rf power corresponding to different accelerating gradients. At low cavity power, the bremsstrahlung spectra exhibit well-defined ...


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    Concept World rank
    4–79 molybdenum #3
    molybdenum permalloy #11
    transverse diffraction #22
    purcell free #64
    voluntary muscle activity #77
    theory smith #85

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    Marta Kutas
    brain potentials semantic memory language comprehension
    Emanuel Donchin
    evoked potentials p300 latency reaction time
    Steven A Hillyard
    selective attention visual cortex evoked potentials
    Gregory McCarthy
    magnetic resonance fusiform gyrus temporal lobe
    Michael G H Coles
    error detection reaction time problem gamblers
    Walter Ritter
    mismatch negativity evoked potentials reaction time

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    Concepts for whichH L Andrewshas direct influence:Brain potentials,  Electron beam,  Dimensional theory,  Voluntary muscle activity,  Morphine addiction,  Electron laser,  Transverse diffraction,  Dispersion relation.

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    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which H L Andrews has influence:Electron beam,  Social attention,  Alpha rhythm,  Gamma oscillations,  Rem sleep,  Postural sway,  Brain state.



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