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    This study aims to explore the effects of the phosphatase and tension homolog (PTEN) expression level on autophagic status and on the resistance of breast cancer to trastuzumab treatment. PTEN and LC3I/II were knocked down with shRNA expression vectors, which were transfected into estrogen receptor (ER)-positive breast cancer cell lines. After trastuzumab treatment, the changes in the autophagy signal transduction pathways and autophagic proteins (LC3I/II, p62, LAMP, and cathepsin B) in ...

    Also Ranks for: Breast Cancer |  trastuzumab therapy |  autophagic proteins |  tumor drug resistance |  neoplastic humans
    KOL Index score: 1331

    This paper presents a wide supply voltage range, high speed true random number generator (TRNG) based on ring oscillators, which have different prime number of inverters. And a simple Von Neumann corrector as post processing is also realized to improve data randomness. Prototypes have been implemented and fabricated in 0.18 µm complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology with a wide range of supply voltage from 1.8 V to 3.6 V. The circuit occupies 4 500 µm2, and dissipates ...

    Also Ranks for: True Random |  post processing |  statistical test |  cmos technology |  neumann corrector
    KOL Index score: 834

    Streaming video over Internet suffers varied quality degradation from packet delay, loss and spatiotemporal error propagation. This paper first proposes a perceptually optimized INTRA refreshing (POIR) H.264 video coding scheme, which stops error propagation quickly. It was inspired by the high-level recognition feature of the human visual system (HVS), and takes into consideration the error concealment (EC) function of decoder in an effort to optimize the end-to-end distortion. Further, ...

    Also Ranks for: Video Streaming |  error propagation |  human visual |  packet loss
    KOL Index score: 729

    Purpose This study aims to investigate the effect of combined use of granular graphite and petroleum coke on the properties of copper-based friction materials and the friction and wear mechanisms. Design/methodology/approach Copper-based friction materials with different proportions of petroleum coke and granular graphite were prepared by using powder metallurgy. The friction surfaces were analyzed. Findings Changing the ratio of petroleum coke/granular graphite affects the ...

    Also Ranks for: Friction Materials
    KOL Index score: 586

    The video coding standard H.264/JVT uses intra prediction and multi-block motion estimation to improve rate-distortion (RD) performance. However, full RD cost calculation for all intra-prediction modes and exhaustive searches for optimal motion vectors for all block sizes increase computational complexity considerably with the number of prediction modes allowed. We propose an enhanced fast intra-prediction mode selection strategy based on edge mapping and a novel block segmentation ...

    Also Ranks for: Intra Prediction |  computational complexity |  coding standard |  rate distortion
    KOL Index score: 170

    Based on the tight school-enterprise cooperation, Zhengda software vocational and technical college analyzed the specific career requirements for software programmers, divided the software development procedure into several typical work areas, like processing oriented software development, object oriented software development, web application software development, framework based software development, etc. Then we developed our special way to build our curricula around the corresponding ...

    Also Ranks for: Vocational Education

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