Robin John Prescott

Robin John Prescott

S‐e Scotland Regional Blood Transfusion Service, Royal Infirmary; University Department Of Surgery, And Medical Computing And Statistics Unit, Medical School, Edinburgh

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breast cancer
pulmonary function
chronic heart
ulcerative colitis
heater probe
edinburgh artery
deep vein thrombosis

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breast cancer
cervical smears
skin sepsis
multilevel surgery
intravenous pharmacologic circulatory support
blood glucose
cerebral palsy

Prominent publications by Robin John Prescott

KOL-Index: 61 BACKGROUND: The mainstays of treatment for pulmonary disease caused by opportunist mycobacteria are rifampicin (R) and ethambutol (E). The role of macrolides, quinolones and immunotherapy with Mycobacterium vaccae is not clear. A trial was undertaken to compare clarithromycin (Clari) and ciprofloxacin (Cipro) as third drugs added to [corrected] 2 years of treatment with R and E for pulmonary ...
Known for
Mac Xenopi | Mycobacterial Lung | Treating Opportunist | 185 Recipro
KOL-Index: 46 The sera of 160 diabetics who were well controlled by oral hypoglycaemic agents (OHA) for at least three months after diagnosis were tested for pancreatic islet cell antibodies (ICAb) either at diagnosis or within two years after diagnosis. 129 were non-obese at diagnosis and of these ICAb was detected in the sera in 20 (16%). 31 were obese at diagnosis and of these ICAb was detected in the ...
Known for
Diabetes Oha | Oral Hypoglycaemic Agents | 20 16 | Probability Insulin
KOL-Index: 42 OBJECTIVE: To define the pressures and gradients achieved by different bandages when applied by alternative bandaging techniques. METHODS: An experienced bandager applied six bandages to the same leg of a volunteer using three application techniques. Pressure measurements were taken at the ankle, gaiter, calf and upper calf in three postures. RESULTS: All bandages gave consistent pressures ...
Known for
Calf Bandages | Ankle Differences | Experienced Bandager | Techniques Pressure
KOL-Index: 33 A novel cytotoxic drug combination, PEEC, has been tested in the initial or salvage treatment of lymphomas. The PEEC combination alone is active in high grade or intermediate grade NHL with two complete and two partial remissions out of four patients so treated. When combined with standard CHOP therapy using an alternating regime, seven out of 11 patients obtained a complete remission and ...
Known for
Chop Therapy | Initial Salvage | Intermediate Grade | Alternating Regime
KOL-Index: 27 Randomised trials in which the omission of radiotherapy has been tested after breast-conserving surgery, with or without adjuvant systemic therapy, show a significant four- to five-fold reduction in local recurrence. As yet, no subgroup of women managed by breast-conserving surgery has been identified from whom radiotherapy can be withheld. Few randomised data have been published on the ...
Known for
Five-Fold | Involved Axillary Nodes | Conserving Surgery | Therapy Women
KOL-Index: 26 Purpose: To report functional mobility in patients with diplegic cerebral palsy (CP) at long-term follow-up after single-event multilevel surgery (SEMLS). The secondary aim was to assess the relationship between functional mobility and quality of life (QoL) in patients previously treated with SEMLS. Methods: A total of 61 patients with diplegic CP, mean age at surgery 11 years, eight months ...
Known for
Secondary Aim | Surgery Semls | Mobility Fms | Gross Motor Function Classification
KOL-Index: 26 BACKGROUND: The selection of patients for experimental therapies for high grade non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) is now recognised to be very influential in affecting results. We showed previously that simple clinical indices could be used to create an index of risk of death in a series of 972 patients. We wished to test this prognostic index in a subsequent randomised treatment trial of ...
Known for
Poor-Risk | Survivals | 79 Cohorts | Nhl Chemotherapy
KOL-Index: 26 In 1990, 215 patients with operable breast cancer were entered into a prospective study of the prognostic significance of five biochemical markers and 15 other factors (pathological/chronological/patient). After a median follow-up of 6.6 years, there were 77 recurrences and 77 deaths (59 breast cancer-related). By univariate analysis, patient outcome related significantly to 13 factors. By ...
Known for
Receptors Oestrogen | Prospective Prognostic | Significance Biochemical | Operable
KOL-Index: 25 BACKGROUND: In the treatment of operable breast cancer by breast conservation, the extent of axillary dissection, the need for radiotherapy to the axilla and the morbidity associated with these procedures have not been assessed adequately. METHODS: Patients with operable breast cancer were randomized to have level III axillary node clearance (232 patients) or axillary node sample (234 ...
Known for
Axillary Recurrence | Arm Volume | Lymphoedema | Surgical Policies

S‐E Scotland Regional Blood Transfusion Service, Royal Infirmary; University Department of Surgery, and Medical Computing and Statistics Unit, Medical School, Edinburgh

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