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Importance: While prehospital triage to the closest comprehensive stroke center (CSC) may improve the delivery of care for patients with suspected emergent large-vessel occlusion (ELVO), efficient systems of care must also exist for patients with ELVO who first present to a primary stroke center (PSC).

Objective: To describe the association of a PSC protocol focused on 3 key steps (early CSC notification based on clinical severity, vessel imaging at the PSC, and cloud-based image ...

Also Ranks for: Suspected Stroke |  psc csc |  patients elvo |  vessel occlusion |  process assessment
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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Within the thrombolysis in cerebral infarction (TICI) classification, TICI 2b has been historically considered successful recanalization. Recent studies have suggested that TICI 3 and a proposed TICI 2c should be separately reported from TICI 2b, in both the original (>66% reperfusion) and modified (>50% reperfusion) definitions, because of differences in clinical outcomes with greater reperfusion. The purpose of this study was to evaluate differences in early ...

Also Ranks for: Cerebral Infarction |  tici 2b |  functional independence |  2c 3 |  neurological improvement
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PURPOSE: To compare recall rate, types of abnormalities recalled, additional imaging required, biopsy positive predictive value (PPV), and cancer detection rate before and after implementation of screening digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT).

MATERIALS AND METHODS: This retrospective analysis was approved by the institutional review board and complied with HIPAA. The requirement to obtain informed consent was waived. Results from all screening digital mammography (DM) examinations ...

Also Ranks for: Recall Rate |  dm dbt |  digital breast tomosynthesis |  early detection |  breast neoplasms
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AIMS: Extracellular vesicles (EVs) from mice with monocrotaline (MCT)-induced pulmonary hypertension (PH) induce PH in healthy mice, and the exosomes (EXO) fraction of EVs from mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) can blunt the development of hypoxic PH. We sought to determine whether the EXO fraction of EVs is responsible for modulating pulmonary vascular responses and whether differences in EXO-miR content explains the differential effects of EXOs from MSCs and mice with MCT-PH.


Also Ranks for: Pulmonary Hypertension |  evs mscs |  healthy mice |  wt ratios |  cultured disease models
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BACKGROUND: Recent studies have demonstrated the superiority of endovascular therapy (EVT) for emergent large vessel occlusion.

OBJECTIVE: To determine the effectiveness of EVT in nonagenarians, for whom data are limited.

METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed clinical and imaging data of all patients who underwent EVT at two stroke centers between January 2012 and August 2014. The 90-day functional outcome (modified Rankin Scale (mRS) score) was compared between younger patients (age ...

Also Ranks for: Younger Patients |  endovascular treatment |  evt nonagenarians |  acute ischemic stroke |  outcome age
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IMPORTANCE: There is a paucity of controlled treatment trials for the treatment of conversion disorder, seizures type, also known as psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES). Psychogenic nonepileptic seizures, the most common conversion disorder, are as disabling as epilepsy and are not adequately addressed or treated by mental health clinicians.

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate different PNES treatments compared with standard medical care (treatment as usual).


Also Ranks for: Pilot Treatment |  nonepileptic seizures |  global functioning |  seizure frequency |  quality life
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ObjectivesTo compare interobserver variability (IOV), reader confidence, and sensitivity/specificity in detecting architectural distortion (AD) on digital mammography (DM) versus digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT).MethodsThis IRB-approved, HIPAA-compliant reader study used a counterbalanced experimental design. We searched radiology reports for AD on screening mammograms from 5 March 2012–27 November 2013. Cases were consensus-reviewed. Controls were selected from demographically matched ...

Also Ranks for: Architectural Distortion |  digital breast tomosynthesis |  dbt dm |  cancer female humans |  sensitivity specificity
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PURPOSE: To identify demographic and ultrasonographic (US) features associated with malignancy after initially nondiagnostic results of fine-needle aspiration (FNA) to help clarify the role of repeat FNA, surgical excision, or serial US in these nodules.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: This study was HIPAA compliant and institutional review board approved; informed consent was waived. Thyroid nodules (n = 5349) that underwent US-guided FNA in 2004-2012 were identified; 393 were single nodules ...

Also Ranks for: Needle Aspiration |  repeat biopsy |  thyroid fine |  nodules nondiagnostic |  guided fna
KOL Index score: 9577

OBJECTIVE. The objective of this study was to compare the yield of dense breast ultrasound (US) screening after digital mammography (DM) versus after digital breast tomosyn-thesis (DBT). MATERIALS AND METHODS. For this institutional review board-approved, HIPAA-compliant study, we retrospectively searched databases at two tertiary breast imaging centers and an office practice staffed by the same fellowship-trained breast radiologists for screening US examinations from October 1, 2014, to ...

Also Ranks for: Digital Mammography |  dm dbt |  dense breast |  ultrasound screening |  1000 women
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Background and Purpose- Interfacility transfers for thrombectomy in stroke patients with emergent large vessel occlusion (ELVO) are associated with longer treatment times and worse outcomes. In this series, we examined the association between Primary Stroke Center (PSC) door-in to door-out (DIDO) times and outcomes for confirmed ELVO stroke transfers and factors that may modify the interaction. Methods- We retrospectively identified 160 patients transferred to a single Comprehensive ...

Also Ranks for: Primary Stroke |  large vessel |  csc dido |  onset time |  worse outcomes
KOL Index score: 8429

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: The percentage signal recovery in non-leakage-corrected (no preload, high flip angle, intermediate TE) DSC-MR imaging is known to differ significantly for glioblastoma, metastasis, and primary CNS lymphoma. Because the percentage signal recovery is influenced by preload and pulse sequence parameters, we investigated whether the percentage signal recovery can still differentiate these common contrast-enhancing neoplasms using a DSC-MR imaging protocol designed for ...

Also Ranks for: Percentage Signal |  glioblastoma metastasis |  central nervous |  dsc imaging |  blood volume
KOL Index score: 7735

PURPOSE: To determine the long-term safety and efficacy of microwave (MW) ablation in the treatment of lung tumors at a single academic medical center.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Retrospective review was performed of 108 patients (42 female; mean age, 72.5 y ± 10.3 [standard deviation]) who underwent computed tomography (CT)-guided percutaneous MW ablation for a single lung malignancy. Eighty-two were primary non-small-cell lung cancers and 24 were metastatic tumors (9 colorectal carcinoma, ...

Also Ranks for: Lung Neoplasms |  microwave ablation |  retrospective analysis |  computed tomography |  tumor recurrence
KOL Index score: 7603

BACKGROUND: Modern stent retriever-based embolectomy for patients with emergent large vessel occlusion improves outcomes. Techniques aimed at achieving higher rates of complete recanalization would benefit patients.

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the clinical impact of an embolectomy technique focused on continuous aspiration prior to intracranial vascular embolectomy (CAPTIVE).

METHODS: A retrospective review was performed of 95 consecutive patients with intracranial internal carotid artery or ...

Also Ranks for: Continuous Aspiration |  carotid artery |  middle cerebral |  modified thrombolysis |  groin puncture
KOL Index score: 7183

Purpose To evaluate readability of websites that are commonly accessed for information on breast lesions requiring surgery. Materials and Methods An internet search using three malignant and eight nonmalignant breast lesions that traditionally require lumpectomy or excisional biopsy as search terms was conducted to identify websites commonly accessed for patient information on breast lesions requiring surgery. Nine websites with information on breast diagnoses were identified based on ...

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Breast lymphoscintigraphy using (99m)Tc-sulfur colloid ((99m)Tc-SC) is well established in clinical practice for staging patients with breast carcinoma. Nearly all patients report having pain during the procedure. However, techniques used to minimize pain during breast lymphoscintigraphy are highly variable across institutions. Our study was to determine whether anesthetizing the skin with sodium bicarbonatehether-buffered lidocaine before performing breast lymphoscintigraphy reduced the ...

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