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Breast Engorgement: Top KOLs in the world

Sharron S Humenick #1
Sharron S Humenick
Emily E. Drake, RNC, PhD, Beta Kappa, Assistant Professor, U
Known for Human Milk |  Normal Birth |  Early Supplementation |  Breast Engorgement |  Maternal Responsiveness
Pamela Dee Hill #2
Pamela Dee Hill
Author Affiliations: Graduate (Ms Brown) and Associate Profe
Known for Newborn Infant |  Nipple Pain |  Week 12 Postpartum |  Neuroendocrine Responses |  Milk Output

Kathryn L Roberts #3
Kathryn L Roberts
Northern Territory University, Darwin, NT, Australia 0909. |
Known for Chilled Gelpaks |  Cabbage Leaves |  Boomerang Pillows |  Breast Engorgement |  Respiratory Capacity
Maureen Reiter #4
Maureen Reiter
Royal Darwin Hospital. | Royal Darwin Hospital, Darwin, NT,
Known for Mothers Discomfort |  Severity Illness Administration |  Placebo Cream Placebo |  Breast Engorgement |  Cabbage Leaf Extract
Diane Schuster #5
Diane Schuster
Darwin Private Hospital.
Known for Placebo Cream Placebo |  Severity Illness Administration |  Mothers Discomfort |  Breast Engorgement |  Cabbage Leaf Extract
Mary J Renfrew #6
Mary J Renfrew
Mother and Infant Research Unit, School of Health Sciences,
Known for Breast Feeding |  Financial Incentives |  Neonatal Units |  Healthy Start |  Health Professionals
Lindeka Mangesi #7
Lindeka Mangesi
Correspondence to: Victoria Hospital, Alice, South Africa |
Known for Platelet Count |  Postpartum Hemorrhage |  Study Studies |  Breast Engorgement |  Fetal Movement
Mike Woolridge #8
Mike Woolridge
University of Leeds, Leeds, UK | Department of Public Health
Known for Discharge Packs |  Economic Hardship |  Infant Formula |  Breast Engorgement |  Planned Behaviour
Helen HM Snowden #9
Helen HM Snowden
Correspondence to: Mother and Infant Research Unit, Universi
Known for Commercial Hospital |  Infant Formula |  Cabbage Leaves |  Breast Engorgement |  Discharge Packs
V Cheryl Nikodem #10
V Cheryl Nikodem
Faculty of Community and Health Sciences, University of the
Known for South Africa |  Childbirth Companions |  Platelet Count |  Oral Misoprostol |  Catecholamine Levels


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