• Breast Ptosis
  • Breast Ptosis

    Breast Ptosis: Top KOLs in the world

    Paule C L Regnault #1
    Paule C L Regnault
    1455 Sherbrooke West, Suite 2207, H3G 1L2, Montreal, Canada
    Known for Nipple Hypertrophy | Infrapalpebral Depression | Classical Techniques Prevention | “b” Technique | Nasal Implants
    Scott L Spear #2
    Scott L Spear
    Washington, D.C.; Baltimore, Md.; and McLean, Falls Church,
    Known for Acellular Dermal Matrix | Capsular Contracture | Tram Flap | Prophylactic Mastectomy | Breast Reconstruction

    Rod J Rohrich #3
    Rod J Rohrich
    From the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. | From the Divisi
    Known for Social Media | Patient Safety | Fat Grafting | Facial Rejuvenation | Plastic Surgery
    Thomas M Biggs #4
    Thomas M Biggs
    Springer, USA | Thomas M. Biggs, MD | Curitiba, Brazil, and
    Known for Endoscopic Brow Lift | Subcutaneous Mastectomy | Facial Skeleton | Breast Reconstruction | Anterior Cervicoplasty
    Ruth Graf #5
    Ruth Graf
    Rua Solimoes, 1184 Curitiba, PR CEP 80810-070 Brazil | Rua S
    Known for Meaningful Coverage | Fascia Provide Additional | Upper Pole Fullness | Breast Shape | Reduction Mammoplasty
    Hani H Sinno #6
    Hani H Sinno
    Boston, Mass.; and New Orleans, La. | From the Division of P
    Known for Acellular Dermal Matrix | Wound Healing | Utility Scores | Plastic Surgery | Breast Ptosis
    Bernard Travis Lee #7
    Bernard Travis Lee
    Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Beth Israel
    Known for Fat Necrosis | Tissue Oximetry | Plastic Surgeons | United States | Breast Reconstruction
    Spencer A Brown #8
    Spencer A Brown
    Cooper Research Institute, Education and Research Building,
    Known for Capsular Contracture | Plastic Surgeons | Abdominal Skin | Stem Cells | Wound Healing
    Maurice Y Nahabedian #9
    Maurice Y Nahabedian
    From the Virginia Commonwealth University College of Medicin
    Known for Acellular Dermal Matrix | Capsular Contracture | Abdominal Wall | Diep Flap | Breast Reconstruction
    Loren J Borud #10
    Loren J Borud
    From the *Division of Plastic Surgery, Beth Israel D
    Known for Mohs Defects | New York City | Massive Weight Loss | Upper Airway Obstruction | Excisional Lipectomy

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