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    KOL Index score: 5763

    In women of reproductive age the usefulness of laparoscopy in diagnosing acute appendicitis was evaluated. Eighty-six women underwent diagnostic laparoscopy. There was complete visualization of the appendix in 93% of the patients. Twenty-two patients were spared laparotomy. In the nonpregnant patients, salpingitis was the disease most often confused with appendicitis. Eighty-five percent of the patients with salpingitis had the onset of symptoms within 14 days of the last menstrual ...

    Also Ranks for: Reproductive Age |  suspected appendicitis |  differential female humans |  diagnostic laparoscopy |  unnecessary laparotomy
    KOL Index score: 4029

    The diagnosis and management of endometriosis presents several enigmas. This review, of eight patients with endometriosis involving the urinary tract, from three large clinical services in the City of Los Angeles, highlights some very difficult problems. Not only diagnostic errors but also inappropriate conservatism and inadequate surveillance have led to compromised function, resection, and/or destruction of the kidneys, ureters, or bladder. The series indicates those findings which are ...

    Also Ranks for: Urinary Tract |  management endometriosis |  ureteral obstruction |  neoplasms adult

    Adnexal torsion

    KOL Index score: 3916

    A series of 128 cases of adnexal torsion and an additional 97 cases where the preoperative diagnosis of torsion was incorrect are reviewed. The diagnosis is uncertain and surgical intervention is likely to be delayed. The adnexa are seldom salvaged despite the fact that torsion infrequently involves a malignant neoplasm. Laparoscopy is an effective means of reducing the number of necessary laparotomies when a diagnosis of torsion is uncertain.

    Also Ranks for: Adnexal Torsion |  ovarian cysts |  preoperative diagnosis |  pregnancy complications |  diseases adult
    KOL Index score: 3709

    Prophylactic external cephalic version in a private obstetric practice reduced the incidence of breech presentation at delivery from 3.5 to 2.0 per cent; and the incidence of transverse lie, from 0.4 to 0.17 per cent. Following this procedure, the uncorrected perinatal mortality rate was 2.5 per cent, and the corrected perinatal mortality rate was 0.5 per cent. External version is an effective and reasonably safe method to avoid the alternatives of vaginal breech delivery or cesarean section.

    Also Ranks for: Obstetric Practice |  cephalic version |  newborn infant |  breech presentation |  cesarean delivery

    Placenta previa

    KOL Index score: 3457

    Despite an increased utilization of abdominal delivery, prolonged expectant management, extended hospitalization, and newer methods of diagnosis, the fetal salvage in placenta previa has not appreciably improved in the past 20 years. In one institution the uncorrected fetal mortality was 24.9 per cent (213 infants) in the years 1948–1953 and 24.7 percent (267 infants) in the years 1962–1966. Expectant therapy can be suitably applied to less than half the cases, with the expectation of a ...

    Also Ranks for: Placenta Previa |  newborn infant |  publication abortion |  gestational age |  cesarean delivery
    KOL Index score: 3455

    Seven cases of ruptured subcapsular hematoma and one case of ruptured hepatoma are reported. Six of the patients died, four following an unsuccessful operation. One patient survived following an operation, and another patient survived without surgical intervention. Both survivors were treated with a gravity suit to control internal hemorrhage.

    Also Ranks for: Spontaneous Rupture |  liver pregnancy |  surgical intervention |  publication adult carcinoma |  hematoma humans
    KOL Index score: 3252

    There have been considerable changes in obstetric practice in the past 5 years, with corresponding changes in the application of ceasarean section to obstetric complications. In this paper, 4,003 cesarean sections done in a public hospital during four time periods dating back to 1948 are compared, and the changing applications of section are discussed. Breech presentation, fetal distress, and dystocia have contributed substantially to the increasing use of abdominal delivery.

    Also Ranks for: Breech Presentation |  fetal distress |  abdominal delivery |  time periods |  obstetric complications

    Corpus luteum surgery

    KOL Index score: 2973

    The corpus luteum is responsible for a substantial number of emergency operations, some of which prove to be unnecessary and others which are unnecessarily complex. The routine utilization of culdocentesis and pregnancy testing will identify the large majority of those patients who can safely be treated by expectant observation or who should first be investigated by a diagnostic operative technique, such as laparoscopy, before an exploratory laparotomy is performed. When a laparotomy is ...

    Also Ranks for: Corpus Luteum |  ectopic rupture |  exploratory laparotomy |  ovarian diseases |  diagnosis differential
    KOL Index score: 2792

    There have been 17 reported cases of histologically proved thoracic endometriosis and 27 cases of probable thoracic endometriosis based upon repetitive symptoms associated with menstruation and response to suppression of ovarian function. Two additional cases of probable thoracic endometriosis are reported. Seventeen of these 46 patients also had proved pelvic endometriosis and four others had clinical evidence of pelvic disease. In the majority of the cases there has been a delay in ...

    Also Ranks for: Thoracic Endometriosis |  pelvic disease |  reported cases |  hemothorax humans |  female hemoptysis
    KOL Index score: 2711

    A group of 23 cases of secondary abdominal pregnancy are presented. In the majority of cases, complete primary removal of the placenta was accomplished. The factors favoring removal are discussed and some of the hazards noted. Adequate blood replacement is essential. If primary removal of the placenta is not possible, subsequent complications are likely. An early diagnosis favors complete operation because removal is less difficult during the first half of pregnancy.

    Also Ranks for: Abdominal Pregnancy |  early diagnosis
    KOL Index score: 2662

    The endometrial jet washing technique of Gravlee is a satisfactory method of screening for endometrial carcinoma. The uterine cavity can be irrigated with an unlimited amount of fluid under a negative pressure. Cell block preparations of the tissue samples have proved adequate to establish a diagnosis of endometrial adenocarcinoma for 5 of 287 screened patients. Subsequent curettage demonstrated that no endometrial cancers were overlooked.

    Also Ranks for: Endometrial Jet |  uterine neoplasms |  therapeutic irrigation |  vaginal smears |  false negative
    KOL Index score: 2527

    Twenty-four patients with traumatic rectovaginal fistulas and 27 patients with complete perineal tears underwent secondary operative repair. Primary healing occurred in 50 cases and partial healing in the 51st case. Six patients had previously undergone one to three unsuccessful repairs. The advisability of early repair and the benefits of prophylactic antibiotics and of use of a Martius graft for operative failures are discussed.

    Also Ranks for: Rectovaginal Fistulas |  complete perineal tears |  early repair |  fistula rectum |  episiotomy female
    KOL Index score: 2388

    In a large medical center, utilization of hysterectomy for sterilization has increased by 293 per cent over a 2½ year period. If only elective hysterectomies not associated with a pregnancy are counted, the increase is 742 per cent. Although the operative results were generally satisfactory, it is far from clear whether the additional risks of hysterectomy are outweighed by the potential benefits to be gained.

    Also Ranks for: Hysterectomy Sterilization |  publication abortion |  complications pregnancy |  female fever |  fallopian tubes


    Lester T Hibbard: Influence Statistics

    Sample of concepts for which Lester T Hibbard is among the top experts in the world.
    Concept World rank
    ligament serous #2
    endometrial jet #3
    spontaneous torsion abnormality #4
    complete perineal #6
    complete perineal tears #6
    laparoscopy acute appendicitis #12
    abdominal pregnancy ectopic #12
    acute appendicitis women #13
    incidence breech presentation #13
    gravlee #14
    laparotomy ovary #22
    torsion diagnosis #23
    presentation pelvimetry #23
    jet washing #31
    luteum diagnosis #33
    spontaneous adult carcinoma #34
    curettage cytodiagnosis #39
    hysterectomy sterilization #42
    ruptured corpus luteum #44
    extraperitoneal cesarean #45
    spontaneous torsion #46
    ectopic rupture #52
    endometriosis urinary tract #52
    diagnosis torsion #53
    appendicitis women #66
    pregnancy sutures #67
    hemoptysis hemothorax #74
    incidence breech #77
    transverse lie #77
    reproductive abortion #93
    abnormality adnexal #97
    factors fallopian #98

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    Carol J Rowland Hogue
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    Andrew M Friede
    public health united states ectopic pregnancy
    James Nello Martin
    hellp syndrome amniotic fluid severe preeclampsia
    William E Studdiford
    septic abortion pelvic tuberculosis hydatidiform mole
    John C Morrison
    amniotic fluid preterm labor birth weight

    Lester T Hibbard:Expert Impact

    Concepts for whichLester T Hibbardhas direct influence:Abdominal pregnancy,  Reproductive age,  Broad ligament,  Placenta previa,  Uterine artery,  Corpus luteum,  Thoracic endometriosis,  Urinary tract endometriosis.

    Lester T Hibbard:KOL impact

    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Lester T Hibbard has influence:Ovarian torsion,  Abdominal pain,  Placenta previa,  Rectovaginal fistula,  Reperfusion injury,  Acute abdomen,  Fallopian tube.



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