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BACKGROUND: Cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, and prednisolone (CHOP) is used to treat patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Interval decrease from 3 weeks of treatment (CHOP-21) to 2 weeks (CHOP-14), and addition of rituximab to CHOP-21 (R-CHOP-21) has been shown to improve outcome in elderly patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). This randomised trial assessed whether six or eight cycles of R-CHOP-14 can improve outcome of these patients compared with six or eight ...

Known for Cycles Rchop14 |  Elderly Patients |  Chop14 Rituximab |  Cell Lymphoma |  Monoclonal Antibodies Monoclonal
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BACKGROUND: High-dose therapy (HDT) followed by transplantation of autologous haemopoietic stem cells is frequently done as part of first-line therapy in young patients with high-risk aggressive B-cell lymphoma. We investigated whether HDT with cytotoxic agents identical to those used for conventional therapy followed by autologous stem-cell transplantation (ASCT) improved survival outcome compared with conventional chemotherapy when rituximab was added to both modalities.


Known for Conventional Chemotherapy |  3 Trial |  Cell Lymphoma |  Young Patients |  Rituximab Choep14
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PURPOSE: To conduct a randomized trial of radiation therapy for painful heel spur, comparing a standard dose with a very low dose.

METHODS AND MATERIALS: Sixty-six patients were randomized to receive radiation therapy either with a total dose of 6.0 Gy applied in 6 fractions of 1.0 Gy twice weekly (standard dose) or with a total dose of 0.6 Gy applied in 6 fractions of 0.1 Gy twice weekly (low dose). In all patients lateral opposing 4- to 6-MV photon beams were used. The results were ...

Known for Radiation Therapy |  Low Dose |  Painful Heel Spur |  3 Months |  Multicenter Trial
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BACKGROUND: The modulated arc (mARC) technique has recently been introduced by Siemens as an analogue to VMAT treatment. However, up to now only one certified treatment planning system supports mARC planning. We therefore present a conversion algorithm capable of converting IMRT plans created by any treatment planning system into mARC plans, with the hope of expanding the availability of mARC to a larger range of clinical users and researchers. As additional advantages, our ...

Known for Marc Treatment |  Imrt Plans |  Radiotherapy Planning |  Modulated Arc |  Plan Conversion
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BACKGROUND: An actual clinical trial showed the effect of low dose radiotherapy in painful heel spur (plantar fasciitis) with single doses of 1.0 Gy and total doses of 6.0 Gy applied twice weekly. Furthermore, a lot of animal experimental and in vitro data reveals the effect of lower single doses of 0.5 Gy which may be superior in order to ease pain and reduce inflammation in patients with painful heel spur. Our goal is therefore to transfer this experimentally found effect into a ...

Known for Plantar Fasciitis |  Radiotherapy Patients |  Painful Heel |  Total Dose |  Single Fractions
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BACKGROUND: Our first trial on radiotherapy for painful heel spur published in 2012 comparing the analgesic effect of a standard dose (6 × 1.0 Gy within three weeks) to that of a very low one (6 × 0.1 Gy within three weeks) resulted in a highly significant superiority of the standard dose arm. In the meantime, experimental data have shown that lower single doses in the range of 0.5 - 0.7 Gy might be even more effective than the current standard dose of 1.0 Gy. Therefore, we conducted a ...

Known for Plantar Fasciitis |  Painful Heel Spur |  Radiotherapy Patients |  Fractionation Schedule |  Standard Dose
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PURPOSE: To retrospectively evaluate the results after a regimen of surgery, IORT (intraoperative radiotherapy), and EBRT (external beam radiotherapy) for soft-tissue sarcomas

METHODS: 38 consecutive patients underwent IORT for soft-tissue sarcoma; 29 were treated for primary tumours, 9 for recurrences. There were 14 cases with liposarcomas, 8 with leiomyosarcomas, 7 with malignant fibrous histiocytomas. 27/38 tumours were located in the extremities, the remaining ones in the ...

Known for Intraoperative Radiotherapy |  Tissue Sarcoma |  Surgery Iort |  Tumour Bed |  Dose Rate
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BACKGROUND: To evaluate retrospectively the results of radiotherapy for periarthritis of the shoulder

METHODS: In 1983-2004, 141 patients were treated, all had attended at least one follow-up examination. 19% had had pain for several weeks, 66% for months and 14% for years. Shoulder motility was impaired in 137/140 patients. Nearly all patients had taken oral analgesics, 81% had undergone physiotherapy, five patients had been operated on, and six had been irradiated. Radiotherapy was ...

Known for Patients Radiotherapy |  Follow Studies |  Dose Fractionation |  Pain Relief |  Dosage Retrospective
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PURPOSE: Several works have recently focused on flattening-filter-free (FFF) beams of linear accelerators of various companies (in particular, Varian and Elekta), but no overview as yet exists for the flattening-filter free 7XU beam (Siemens Artiste).

METHODS: Dosimetric properties of the 7XU beam were measured in May and September 2011. We present depth dose curves and beam profiles, output factors, and MLC transmission and assess the stability of the measurements. The 7XU beam was ...

Known for Filter Free |  Beam Properties |  Output Factors |  Siemens Artiste |  7 Mv
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PURPOSE: Flattening filter-free (FFF) beams have recently become available for radiation therapy, offering much higher dose rates but complicating treatment owing to the nonflat profile. Stereotactic treatment is one of the most evident scenarios to investigate the use of FFF beams.

METHODS AND MATERIALS: We present a planning study of a FFF 7-MV beam for the treatment of brain metastases using multiple noncoplanar arcs. Plan differences as compared with flat 6 MV photon fields are ...

Known for Planning Study |  Flattening Filter |  Fff Beams |  Brain Metastases |  Radiation Therapy
KOL Index score: 3340

OBJECTIVE: To derive evidence-based recommendations for the optimal utilisation of resources during unexpected shortage of radiotherapy capacity.

METHODS AND MATERIALS: We have undertaken a rapid review of published literature on the role of radiotherapy in the multimodality treatment of paediatric cancers governing the European practise of paediatric radiotherapy. The derived data has been discussed with expert paediatric radiation oncologists to derive a hierarchy of ...

Known for Radiation Oncology |  Evidence Recommendations |  Pneumonia Viral |  Coronavirus Infections |  Covid19 Child
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Respiratory motion during percutaneous radiotherapy can be considered based on respiration-correlated computed tomography (4DCT). However, most treatment planning systems perform the dose calculation based on a single primary CT data set, even though cine mode displays may allow for a visualisation of the complete breathing cycle. This might create the mistaken impression that the dose distribution were independent of tumour motion. We present a movie visualisation technique with the aim ...

Known for Respiratory Gating |  Computerassisted Radiotherapy |  Flattening Filter |  Imrt Plans |  Treatment Planning
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BackgroundIn this randomized multicenter trial, we compared the effect of a lower single dose of 0.5 Gy vs. a standard single dose of 1 Gy concerning pain relief and quality of life, while maintaining a uniform total dose of 6 Gy. On the basis of laboratory observations, the lower single dose would be expected to be more effective.Patients and methodsA total of 127 patients suffering from painful heel spur were randomized: Patients in the standard group were treated with single fractions ...

Known for Quality Life |  Dose Fractionation |  Patients Irradiation |  Heel Spur |  12 Weeks
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Background and purposeAccurate patient positioning before radiotherapy is often verified using advanced imaging techniques such as cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT). Even for dedicated imaging beam lines, the applied dose is not necessarily negligible with respect to the treatment dose and should be considered in the treatment plan.Materials and methodsThis study presents measurements of the beam properties of the Siemens kView (Siemens AG, Munich, Germany) image beam line (IBL) and ...

Known for Patient Positioning |  Imaging Beam |  Radiotherapy Planning |  Computer Assisted |  Tomography Cbct


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2 dose deviation #1
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materials planning study #1
planning study measurements #1
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