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    The benefits of oxandrolone in burn patients has led to its accepted use in the burn care community, however details regarding the most common adverse effect, transaminitis, remains unclear. The purpose of this study was to determine the incidence of transaminitis in patients with burn injury and identify risk factors associated with the development of transaminitis. This single-center, retrospective risk factor analysis compared burn patients on oxandrolone with and without the ...

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    Oxandrolone has proven benefits in thermal burn injury and has become a standard of care. Transaminitis is the most frequent side effect of oxandrolone use, although no risk factors have been identified that increase the risk of transaminitis. The objective was to evaluate the frequency of transaminitis while on oxandrolone and to identify risk factors leading to an increased risk of transaminitis in adult burn patients. This multicenter retrospective risk factor analysis compared two ...

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    Concept World rank
    leading transaminitis #6
    oxandrolone multivariable #6
    ast length #6
    transaminitis tbsa #6
    risk factors transaminitis #6
    100 secondary outcomes #6
    oxandrolone risk factors #6
    tbsa transaminitis #6
    oxandrolone transaminitis #6
    transaminitis oxandrolone #6
    oxandrolone multivariable analysis #6
    transaminitis length #6
    amiodarone vasopressor #6
    oxandrolone induced #10
    included transaminitis #11
    risk transaminitis #13
    oxandrolone risk #13
    transaminitis adult #13
    oxandrolone retrospective #13
    induced transaminitis #20
    patients oxandrolone #51

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    breast cancer hepatocellular carcinoma cell proliferation
    William G Henderson†
    veterans affairs postoperative complications patient safety
    Eugene Roger Schiff
    chronic hepatitis liver transplantation united states
    David Newcomb Herndon
    inhalation injury burned children burn patients
    Craig James McClain
    liver injury alcoholic hepatitis zinc deficiency
    Marc K Hellerstein
    muscle mass cell proliferation adipose tissue
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    Concepts for whichBrittany Kiracofehas direct influence:Oxandrolone transaminitis,  Transaminitis oxandrolone,  Risk factors transaminitis,  Oxandrolone risk factors,  Transaminitis length,  Adult burn patients,  Patients oxandrolone,  Age tbsa.

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    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Brittany Kiracofe has influence:Infectious outcomes,  Leonurine hydrochloride,  Burn injuries,  Transaminitis oxandrolone,  Review patients,  Menopausal syndrome,  Morphological damage.



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