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Cáncer Anal: Top KOLs in the world

Joel Michael Palefsky† #1
Joel Michael Palefsky†
Department of Medicine, University of California, San Franci
Known for Hpv Infection |  Puerto Rico |  Genital Warts |  Human Papillomavirus |  Anal Cancer
Silvia F Franceschi #2
Silvia F Franceschi
Centro di Riferimento Oncologico di Aviano (CRO) IRCCS, Avia
Known for Human Papillomavirus |  Northern Italy |  Oral Cavity |  Case Control |  Breast Cancer

Michael Pawlita #3
Michael Pawlita
Division of Infections and Cancer Epidemiology, German Cance
Known for Helicobacter Pylori |  Multiplex Serology |  Squamous Cell |  Human Papillomavirus |  Cervical Cancer
Gary M Clifford #4
Gary M Clifford
Infections and Cancer Epidemiology Group, International Agen
Known for Hiv Status |  Hpv Prevalence |  Tonsil Brushings |  Cervical Cancer |  Human Papillomavirus
Keith M Sigel #5
Keith M Sigel
Division of General Internal Medicine, Icahn School of Medic
Known for Adjuvant Chemotherapy |  New York City |  United States |  Human Papillomavirus |  Lung Cancer
Ritu Nayar #6
Ritu Nayar
Department of Pathology, Northwestern University Feinberg Sc
Known for Ductal Lavage |  Hepatocellular Carcinoma |  Urinary Cytology |  Cervical Cancer |  Microcystic Adenoma
Elizabeth Yu Chiao #7
Elizabeth Yu Chiao
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas. | Department of
Known for Veterans Affairs |  Kaposi Sarcoma |  Human Papillomavirus |  Anal Cancer |  United States
Fabio Levi #8
Fabio Levi
Department of Epidemiology and Health Services Research, Cen
Known for European Union |  Swiss Canton |  Pooled Analysis |  Oral Cavity |  Cancer Mortality
Matthias L Cavassini #9
Matthias L Cavassini
Division of Infectious Diseases, University Hospital of Laus
Known for Hiv Cohort |  Virological Failure |  Human Immunodeficiency Virus |  Neurocognitive Impairment |  Antiretroviral Therapy
Alexandra L Calmy #10
Alexandra L Calmy
HIV/AIDS research Unit, Geneva University Hospitals, Geneva,
Known for Hiv Infection |  Viral Load |  Human Immunodeficiency Virus |  Neurocognitive Impairment


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