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Jose Manuel Rodríguez
Jose Manuel Rodríguez
Department of General Surgery and Digestive Apparatus I, Virgen de la Arrixaca University Hospital, Murcia, Spain
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Liver Transplantation | Multinodular Goiter | Metastatic Lymph Nodes | Organ Donation
Paloma García-Talavera
Paloma García-Talavera
Servicio de Medicina Nuclear, Hospital Universitario de Salamanca, Salamanca, España Grupo de Trabajo de Oncología de la Sociedad Española de Medicina Nuclear e Imagen Molecular
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Primary Hyperparathyroidism | Radio-Guided Surgery | Cystic Echinococcosis | Ipth Determination

Alvaro Ibarra
Alvaro Ibarra
Servico de Anatomía Patológica, Clínica Las Condes, Santiago, Chile
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Bilateral Cystic Neutrophilic Granulomatous | Carcinoma Ductal | Caso Clínico | Parathyroid Cancer


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