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Calcium Sulfate

Gabriele Edoardo Pecora #1
Gabriele Edoardo Pecora
Private practice, Rome, Italy | Private Practice Limited to
Known for Dental Implants | 3 Months | Calcium Sulfate | Sinus Augmentation
Steven Gitelis #2
Steven Gitelis
Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Division of Orthopedic Onc
Known for Intralesional Excision | Long Bones | Giant Cell Tumor | Soft Tissue

John S Sottosanti #3
John S Sottosanti
Department of Periodontology, University of Southern Califor
Known for Periodontal Repair | Dbm Gfs Groups | Intrabony Defects | Calcium Sulfate
Adriano Piattelli #4
Adriano Piattelli
School of Dentistry, Saint Camillus International University
Known for Stem Cells | Primary Stability | Implant Surface | Bone Regeneration
John Lawrence Ricci #5
John Lawrence Ricci
Associate Professor Program Director, Master's Program in Bi
Known for Cell Growth | Synthetic Fibers | Implant Surface | Calcium Sulfate
Giovanna Orsini #6
Giovanna Orsini
Department of Clinical Sciences and Stomatology (DISCO), Pol
Known for Electron Microscopy | Sinus Augmentation | Human Dentin | Calcium Sulfate
Robert M Urban #7
Robert M Urban
Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Rush University Medical Ce
Known for Porous Coating | Canine Model | Wear Particles | Bone Ingrowth
Thomas M Turner #8
Thomas M Turner
Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Rush University Medical Ce
Known for Tibial Component | Porous Coating | Bone Ingrowth | Calcium Sulfate
Warren O Haggard #9
Warren O Haggard
Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Memphis,
Known for Chitosan Sponges | Drug Delivery | Growth Factors | Bone Regeneration
Antonio Scarano #10
Antonio Scarano
Department of Innovative Technologies in Medicine and Dentis
Known for Bone Regeneration | Maxillary Sinus | 6 Months | Vitro Study