• Cancer Pain
  • Cancer Pain

    Cancer Pain: Top KOLs in the world

    Russell K Portenoy #1
    Russell K Portenoy
    MJHS Hospice & Palliative Care, New York, NY 10006, USA | MJ
    Known for Symptom Distress | Opioid Therapy | Quality Life | Adjuvant Analgesics | Cancer Pain
    Sebastiano L Mercadante #2
    Sebastiano L Mercadante
    Palliative Care, La Maddalena Cancer Center, Palermo, Italy
    Known for Opioid Switching | Palliative Sedation | Low Doses | Intravenous Morphine | Cancer Pain

    Charles S Cleeland #3
    Charles S Cleeland
    Department of Symptom Research, The University of Texas MD A
    Known for Cancer Pain | Multiple Myeloma | Fatigue Inventory | Bone Metastases | Symptom Burden
    Eduardo D Eduardo #4
    Eduardo D Eduardo
    The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center | Departme
    Known for Spiritual Pain | Symptom Burden | Latin America | Inpatient Rehabilitation | Advanced Cancer
    Augusto Tommaso Caraceni #5
    Augusto Tommaso Caraceni
    Pain Therapy and Rehabilitation Unit, Palliative Care, Fonda
    Known for Palliative Sedation | European Association | Organ Failure | Oral Morphine | Cancer Pain
    Franco De Conno #6
    Franco De Conno
    Palliative Care, Pain Therapy and Rehabilitation Unit, Fonda
    Known for European Association | Oral Methadone | Bone Metastases | Bowel Obstruction | Cancer Pain
    Lukas Radbruch #7
    Lukas Radbruch
    Helios Medical Center Bonn/Rhein-Sieg, Palliative Medicine,
    Known for Palliative Sedation | European Association | Transdermal Fentanyl | Middle East | Cancer Pain
    Nathan I Cherny #8
    Nathan I Cherny
    Cancer Pain and Palliative Medicine Service, Department of M
    Known for Clinical Benefit | Middle East | Latin America | Palliative Sedation | Cancer Pain
    Carla Ida Ripamonti #9
    Carla Ida Ripamonti
    Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori | Oncology-Su
    Known for Bowel Obstruction | Bone Metastases | Oral Methadone | Zoledronic Acid | Cancer Pain
    Stein Kaasa #10
    Stein Kaasa
    European Palliative Care Research Centre (PRC), Department o
    Known for Chronic Pain | Quality Life | Serum Concentrations | Weight Loss | Advanced Cancer

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