• Carcinoma Seroso
  • Carcinoma Seroso

    Carcinoma Seroso: Top KOLs in the world

    Steven Alexander Narod #1
    Steven Alexander Narod
    Women’s College Research Institute, Women’s College Hospital
    Known for Brca2 Mutation | Brca1 Genes | Genetic Testing | Breast Cancer
    Beth Young Karlan #2
    Beth Young Karlan
    University of California | Cedars‐Sinai Medical Center, Los
    Known for Brca2 Mutation | Brca1 Genes | Fallopian Tube | Gene Expression | Ovarian Cancer

    Michael J Birrer #3
    Michael J Birrer
    The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL; | W
    Known for Mirvetuximab Soravtansine | Gynecologic Oncology | Gene Expression | Dna Synthesis | Ovarian Cancer
    Leon F A G Massuger #4
    Leon F A G Massuger
    Radboud University Medical Center, Radboud Institute for Hea
    Known for Endometrial Carcinoma | Lichen Sclerosus | Cyst Fluid | Human Papillomavirus | Ovarian Cancer
    René  H M Verheijen #5
    René H M Verheijen
    Nérac, Lot-et-Garonne, France | Cancer Center, Department Gy
    Known for Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy | Sentinel Node | Human Papillomavirus | Fam19a4 Methylation Analysis | Ovarian Cancer
    JOHN LLEWIELYN Hopper #6
    Department of Epidemiology, School of Public Health and Inst
    Known for Mammographic Density | Lynch Syndrome | Dna Methylation | Mutation Carriers | Breast Cancer
    Judy Ellen Garber #7
    Judy Ellen Garber
    Cancer Genetics and Prevention, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
    Known for Depressive Symptoms | Genetic Testing | Brca1 Genes | Mutation Carriers | Breast Cancer
    Paul D P Pharoah #8
    Paul D P Pharoah
    Centre for Cancer Genetic Epidemiology, Department of Oncolo
    Known for Epithelial Ovarian | Single Nucleotide | Genetic Predisposition | Common Variants | Breast Cancer
    Anil K Sood #9
    Anil K Sood
    Department of Gynecologic Oncology, The University of Texas
    Known for Tumor Growth | Gene Expression | Ovarian Cancer
    Olli‐Pekka Kallioniemi #10
    Olli‐Pekka Kallioniemi
    Molecular Precision Medicine, Department of Oncology-Patholo
    Known for Situ Hybridization | Gene Expression | Cell Lines | Androgen Receptor | Prostate Cancer

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