Direct Impact

Concepts for which Ronald M Kobayashi has direct influence:

central pontine myelinolysis
brain stem auditory-evoked responses
postmortem examination
neurological deficit
pontine demyelination
chronic alcoholics
intercurrent illnesses

Prominent publications by Ronald M. Kobayashi

KOL-Index: 5 Central pontine myelinolysis was suspected in two chronic alcoholics who developed and recovered from a progressive spastic paresis of all muscles, that derived innervation at and below the level of the pons. In both cases, short-latency auditory-evoked responses aided in the diagnosis by indicating a slowing of conduction in the pontine auditory pathway, which varied in degree with the ...
Known for
Pontine Demyelination | Stem Auditory | Chronic Alcoholics | Progressive Spastic Paresis
KOL-Index: 3 We discuss three patients with clinical findings of central pontine myelinolysis (CPM). Two patients survived with minimal neurological deficits, and one patient died from medical complications while recovering from his neurological deficit. Postmortem examination showed the typical lesion of CPM. Brain stem auditory evoked potential studies in two of our patients indicate that there was ...
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Minimal Neurological Deficits | Brain Stem Auditory | Postmortem Examination | Myelinolysis Cpm

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