Mojan Musazadeh

Mojan Musazadeh

Department Of Strabismus And Neuro-Ophthalmology, University Eye Hospital, Rwth Aachen, Germany.

Direct Impact

Concepts for which Mojan Musazadeh has direct influence:

cerebellar tumor
late onset esotropia
faden operation
sudden occurrence
smooth pursuit
upper dorsal
greater esodeviation

Prominent publications by Mojan Musazadeh

KOL-Index: 7 The authors present a case with a presumed neurologic cause of late onset esotropia. The first symptom was sudden occurrence of esotropia at the age of 3 3/4 years. An accommodative esotropia could be ruled out after the prescription of glasses. The squint angle showed significant variations at distance and near fixation. Eight months after the first examination intense headache appeared. ...
Known for
Esotropia Eye | Months Examination | Symptom Cerebellar | Dorsal Vermis

Department of Strabismus and Neuro-ophthalmology, University Eye Hospital, RWTH Aachen, Germany.

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