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Cervical Dystonia: Top KOLs in the world

Joseph J Jankovic #1
Joseph J Jankovic
Parkinson's Disease Center and Movement Disorders Clinic, De
Known for Cervical Dystonia |  Movement Disorders |  Parkinson Disease |  Essential Tremor |  Tourette Syndrome
Khailash P Bhatia #2
Khailash P Bhatia
Department of Clinical and MOVEMENT Neurosciences, UCL Queen
Known for Parkinson Disease |  Essential Tremor |  Basal Ganglia |  Movement Disorders |  Cervical Dystonia

Stanley Fahn #3
Stanley Fahn
Department of Neurology, Columbia University Irving Medical
Known for Botulinum Toxin |  Rat Brain |  Essential Tremor |  Parkinson Disease |  Movement Disorders
HALLETT Hallett #4
Human Motor Control Section, Medical Neurology Branch, Natio
Known for Essential Tremor |  Motor Cortex |  Magnetic Stimulation |  Movement Disorders |  Parkinson Disease
Cynthia L : Comella #5
Cynthia L : Comella
Department of Neurological Sciences, Rush University Medical
Known for Essential Tremor |  Movement Disorders |  Cervical Dystonia |  Parkinson Disease |  Botulinum Toxin
Mitchell F Brin #6
Mitchell F Brin
Dept of Neurology, University of California, Irvine, USA. |
Known for Dyt1 Gene |  Meningeal Nociceptors |  Botulinum Toxin |  Chronic Migraine |  Cervical Dystonia
C David Marsden #7
C David Marsden
MRC Movement Disorders Research Group, University Department
Known for Substantia Nigra |  Dopamine Receptors |  Isoquinoline Derivatives |  Parkinsons Disease |  Basal Ganglia
Susan B Bressman #8
Susan B Bressman
Mount Sinai Beth Israel | Department of Neurology, Icahn Sch
Known for Parkinson Disease |  Movement Disorders |  Mutation Carriers |  Dyt1 Dystonia |  Ashkenazi Jews
Anthony Edward Lang #9
Anthony Edward Lang
Edmond J. Safra Program in Parkinson's Disease and Morton an
Known for Subthalamic Nucleus |  Deep Brain Stimulation |  Globus Pallidus |  Parkinson Disease |  Movement Disorders
Alfredo Berardelli #10
Alfredo Berardelli
Department of Human Neurosciences, Sapienza University of Ro
Known for Motor Cortex |  Parkinsons Disease |  Botulinum Toxin |  Cervical Dystonia |  Essential Tremor


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