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OBJECTIVES: Mutations usually associated with zidovudine exposure have been observed in zidovudine-naive patients treated by stavudine in combination. These mutations were named thymidine analogue mutations (TAMs). This fact, combined with phenotypical and biochemical findings provided additional evidence for cross-resistance between zidovudine and stavudine. A recent genotypic study in naive patients receiving stavudine/didanosine combination showed emergence of TAMs and a ...

で知られている Thymidine Analogue Mutations |  reverse transcriptase |  naive patients |  stavudine lamivudine |  antiretroviral therapy

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Daniel * *********
antiretroviral therapy virologic failure south africa
Victoria **** *******
drug resistance mutations resistance testing reverse transcriptase
Douglas * ********
antiretroviral therapy hiv infection human immunodeficiency virus
Joseph * ****
antiretroviral therapy united states hiv infection
Mark * ********
reverse transcriptase immunodeficiency virus resistance mutations
Françoise ************
virological response viral load resistance mutations
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他の著者の仕事に関連する概念for which Manuella Bonmarchand 影響力があります:Resistance mutations,  Virological failure,  Cd4 cell count,  Yxdd motif,  M184v mutation,  Salvage therapy,  Treatment resumption.



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Departments of Virology, Infectious Diseases and Internal Medecine, Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris, France